Second-gen Google Glass to come with an Intel chipset inside

Second-gen Google Glass to come with an Intel chipset inside
The most recent piece of news regarding Google Glass that dropped in was all but pleasant. Ultimately proclaimed as being "too nerdy", Mountain's View smart headwear is reportedly losing many developers that have been working on software for it. Google is most probably aware of this troublesome trend and as it surely wants to remain committed to its smartglasses, the search giant is prepping a second generation of Google Glass.

The pioneering Google Glass is powered by a Texas Instruments' chipset, yet Google has reportedly put its faith into Intel for the second-gen Google Glass. The silicon in question will surely be a low-power consumption one. This will reportedly lead to better battery life, among other positive aspects.

Intel's involvement in the Google Glass project is said to be “a positive signal, not just about Glass, but about the wearable category generally". This was claimed by a representative of one of the investors behind Glass. This will be yet another page for Intel, which ha been trying to establish itself as a prominent player on the market for wearables for some time now.

source: The Wall Street Journal via Neowin

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