HTC will showcase its Windows Phone 7 gear on October 11th as well

HTC will showcase its Windows Phone 7 gear on October 11th as well
We know the venues - New York and London - for Microsoft's big show around Windows Phone 7's launch on October 11th. We know most players - Steve Ballmer will be joined by AT&T's CEO Ralph de la Vega for the opening keynote at 9:30am ET, which will be simulcast at the London satellite event, too.

In the next stages of the day-long event, T-Mobile is set to showcase some of its upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices and services in the afternoon, in a separate venue. Now it is HTC's turn to declare it will also be there. Does anyone still have doubts where the paths of these two cross? Why, the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile, of course. Rumors are that HTC might also star with the music-centric T8788, and its giant speaker.

AT&T will probably start off the Windows Phone 7 madness on November 8th with the Samsung Cetus, LG C900, and the HTC T8788. Europe is poised to launch WP7 handsets earlier, on October 21st, with the LG E900 and the HTC Mozart taking center stage.

Pictures of the 3.7" HTC Mozart with an 8MP camera leaked yesterday, confirming those rumors, and it was briefly spotted afterwards on the Orange UK's website, before the page was pulled down. Later on, we are hoping for the HTC Mondrian, and Samsung Omnia 7, on AT&T, and in Europe.

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LG C900 Specifications
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source: WMExperts

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