HTC says broken glass means Nexus One not for pocket

HTC says broken glass means Nexus One not for pocket
Crave recently had a problem with a Nexus One. It was suffering from BGS or Broken Glass Syndrome. A trip to the Doctor (HTC support) was in order and the Doc said that cracked glass was actually quite a common occurrence. The support guy said, ""Putting a phone in a tight pair of jeans and sitting down would usually cause the kind of damage," that this particular handset displayed. He also said that a small ding could gradually expand over time and become larger and larger. The support guy added that a common cause of cracked screens is the banging that a phone takes from keys when the unit is placed in a handbag. The N-One comes with neoprene case that is made to protect the handset from this type of damage. As far as how much the crack on CNET's Nexus One would cost to fix, HTC support quoted 180 BP which is equivalent to $273 dollars, more than the $179 price for the phone with T-Mobile's service. Despite the recent video we showed you of how the N-One goes through some rough tests to make sure it can hold up to daily use, the HTC support guy said, "People sometimes forget that they don't go in pockets." Not sure if we've ever seen that warning included with a phone before, but we now know better. As for CNET, they did get a new Nexus One courtesy of HTC.

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source: CNETUK

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