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Continuing series of Nexus One videos shows how handset is tested and made

Continuing series of Nexus One videos shows how handset is tested and made
The other day we showed you the first video in a series of 5 made by Google that shows how the Nexus One went from concept to launch. Now we have a couple of interesting videos that show how the phone is tested, and how the phone is manufactured. As far as testing is concerned, the handset goes through machines that simulate the events that happen in real life. From dropping the phone from multiple heights, to simulating things in a pocket rubbing up against the phone and a bend test that tries to turn the Nexus One into Gumby, the handset is designed to withstand the challenges of everyday use.

The next video shows the various robots and humans that work toward taking the individual chips and plastic casings and the glass displays-most from third party firms-and turning it all into the Nexus One. A lot of the manufacturing process is done with robotics which is great for HTC since they work cheaply and don't require a lunch break.

HTC Nexus One Specifications | Review

source: GoogleNexusOneChannel via Engadget


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