HTC U Play with 5.2-inch display could be unveiled alongside HTC U Ultra phablet

HTC has already confirmed a launch event for January 12, right after CES 2017. Even though the Taiwanese company didn't disclose any details regarding the products that will be unveiled next week, we've learned that two or three smartphones might be announced at the event.

One of the most recent reports claims HTC will announced three phones with the following code names: HTC Alpine, HTC Ocean Note and HTC X10.

We believe the company's flagship smartphone will be the HTC Ocean Note, which is suppose to be released on the market as HTC U Ultra. The other two devices, HTC Alpine and HTC X10 (or HTC One X10) are just mid-range smartphones that will make their debut in Q1.

Now a new report coming from the same unverified source who let it slip that HTC U Ultra boasts a huge 6-inch display, but no 3.5mm audio jack, offers us new details about another one of these three upcoming HTC smartphones.

Apparently, the HTC Alpine sports a 5.2-inch display and will be launched on the market as HTC U Play. It will probably be the HTC U Ultra's smaller brother, so it's expected to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack as well.

The third HTC handset to be unveiled in Q1, the One X10 is said to be a refreshed version of the One X9 with only a few improvements. The upcoming phone is expected to pack a 5.5-inch full HD display and a octa-core MediaTek chipset inside.

source: @OnLeaks



1. aodmisery

Posts: 26; Member since: Apr 18, 2016

So is the u play going to be the flagship. Or a mid ranger? Kinda weird for the 6" to be flagship

2. belosava

Posts: 127; Member since: Apr 14, 2014

RIP htc

3. fyah_king unregistered

Give me that U ultra#!!

4. yalokiy

Posts: 997; Member since: Aug 01, 2016

HTC need to make something really impressive or cheapen up if they want to survive..

5. kalisjr

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 10, 2017

HTC must sell this phone in a 5.8"-6.0" form factor along with 8Gb of RAM to overcome native caching limitations for open apps that cause lag/stutter/jank especially when battery levels are low and the phones are running on 200Mhz speeds when battery saving features kick in. People give the highest ratings to phones that are smooth and stutter/lag free if anyone has noticed. Android has by it's design an issue with too many open apps impacting core features like, locker/launcher, phone, camera, web browser, SMS messenger features which need to be available at all times with zero waiting. When Android phones reach 30% battery levels they start to throttle the speed of the SOC/CPU to what ever level needed in order to preserve battery power and this is by design. 8Gb of RAM helps to overcome this giving more room to background apps to park and be instantly available when the low power modes kick in since the pull of parked apps is 100 fold faster to refresh than pulling from eMMC or even the newer UFS 2.0/2.1 storage media. So many people wrongly state 8Gb of RAM or more is a waste and un-needed but say so in the wrong context. When considering the context I've just shared 8Gb RAM makes the biggest difference in the world where super smooth and instant performance comes from and friends that is where the user puts it's highest regard and rewards such performance with ultra high rating over the other phones in the market.. No one wants a laggy stuttering phone and until Google figures out a way like Apple did to make this perception a thing of the past on less memory than RAM my friends is the easy quick fix. The only exception is poorly coded apps and face it the Android architecture is not designed to prevent or isolate the core features away from apps that contain tons of memory leaks driving down the performance of the whole phone.

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