HTC reports sixth straight quarterly loss as smartphone woes continue

HTC reports sixth straight quarterly loss as smartphone woes continue
HTC ended the third quarter on a particularly high note by posting its first annual growth in over two years, but it turns out the short-lived resurgence wasn’t enough to offset the terrible results in August and July.

The Taiwan-based company has just announced its financial results for the July-September quarter and it turns out HTC’s total revenue dropped from NT$2.81 billion three months earlier to just NT$2.45 billion. To make matters worse, its losses widened to NT$2.36 billion, up from NT$2.23 billion during the second quarter.

On the upside, HTC says its gross margin grew by 2.6% to 22.9%, the seventh consecutive quarterly growth since the final quarter of 2017. Additionally, the brand’s losses marked a noticeably year-on-year improvement when compared to the NT$ 2.62 billion figure it posted twelve months earlier.

The brand highlighted its ongoing commitment to VR devices and the dedicated HTC 5G Hub mobile hotspot that’s available to purchase through Sprint. It didn’t go into detail about the performance of its smartphone business, despite launching a few budget devices recently, but is betting heavily on the division’s eventual revival.

New CEO Yves Maitre revealed in September that HTC is planning a comeback in the high-end smartphone segment. An exact timeline hasn’t yet been provided – the company said it’d happen when the time is right – but it’s expected to involve a flagship device that’ll support 5G networks.



1. sunnyfpy

Posts: 293; Member since: May 12, 2013

Already dead,,,,RIP

3. TBomb

Posts: 1660; Member since: Dec 28, 2012

Good luck HTC. Rooting for you!

4. foldablephone

Posts: 60; Member since: Sep 19, 2018

They need to focus on one or two things and do it the best. Speed perhaps? They could release a stock-like version of Android with non of the extra skins features that Samsung/Huawei add but with double the RAM than the Pixel 4 and claim the “fastest day-day Android phone on the planet”. Or maybe release a 3-Day battery life flagship. Whatever they do they need to have a massive Unique selling point otherwise don’t even bother, because LG/Sony already try flagships with little success.

5. JMartin22

Posts: 2387; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

I forgot they even existed until this article reminded me.

6. Altema

Posts: 13; Member since: Dec 26, 2014

They already have speed. The U12 Plus is faster than every Samsung in the world except the Note 10+, for that it runs neck and neck. Faster than the iPhone 11 which I bought a few weeks ago as well. Being a photographer, I also found the updated U12 Plus camera captures more detail than the iPhone 11 and Note 10+. Best in-box headphone experience in the world? HTC. The only company in the world that can produce a full sapphire screen? HTC. Apple tried and failed. The only flagship with actual waterPROOF buttons? HTC. The list goes on, but the problem is HTC does not bother telling anyone about these things. They already have the hardware skills, they already have several unique features. The need to pick a few more innovations out of their hat, and market the mess out of their products... For a change.

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