HTC Inspire 4G gets update; no, not Android 4.0 but HTC Sense 3.0

HTC Inspire 4G gets update; no, not Android 4.0 but HTC Sense 3.0
No, the HTC Inspire 4G is not going to get Android 4.0 and neither will its cousin, the HTC Desire HD. As the Taiwan based handset manufacturer explained, if the performance of a phone with an updated OS doesn't meet customer's expectations, the update simply will not take place. But that doesn't mean that the phone will never receive an updated software version again. In fact, AT&T customers totin' the HTC Inspire 4G will be happy to hear that the device has been updated with some new features including HTC Sense 3.0.

Besides the HTC Sense update (albeit not to the latest version which is Sense 4.0), HTC Inspire 4G users will also receive an AT&T Address Book and a Task Manager to close those unruly apps that stay open and drain your battery. What would an update be without some bug extermination? Users should notice fewer dropped calls as improvements have been made to optimize phone calls, and security functionality has been improved. There is also a fix sent for a problem with the display of contacts when using SMS/MMS, and lastly there is improvement for background data.

You can wait a few days for the OTA update, or if impatient you can download the RUU directly from the HTC website. Just know that if you do the latter, you will need to have HTC Sync installed and you will lose all the data saved on your phone. If you don't have HTC Sync, it can be found at the sourcelink.  Waiting for the OTA update? That's what we thought.

Sure it's not Android 4.0, but any update is a good update.

source: HTC via AndroidCentral

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