Google's plan to end fragmentation reportedly nixed by Android handset manufacturers

Google's plan to end fragmentation reportedly nixed by Android handset manufacturers
According to a report published on Sunday, manufacturers of Android handsets wouldn't get aboard Google's plan to end the so-called "fragmentation" of the Android line. Google wanted to eliminate the stock Android Nexus and Google Play edition devices, and replace them with the Android Silver handsets and tablets.

The Android Silver program would have allowed the manufacturers to offer stock Android devices at carrier stores, with support from Google. Developers would be able to get away with building just one version of an app, instead of having to provide multiple versions for different Android builds. But the manufacturers were not terribly keen on sharing branding, and offering hardware that would employ more-restrictive software.

The Nexus program is not ending. That was made clear by a number of Google executives such as its vice president of engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer, and Dave Burke, who is the head of the Nexus program. In addition, Motorola has produced a beast of a device for the Nexus 6. That doesn't feel like a brand that is about to be extinct.

Will Google ever get the chance to implement its Android Silver plan? Let's just say that for now, the body is still warm although there might not be much life left in the ol' boy.

source: Recode via BGR


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