Galaxy S5 might sport metal chassis, as Samsung enters its Design 3.0 phase next year

Galaxy S5 might sport metal chassis, as Samsung enters its Design 3.0 phase next year
Upon the release of the Galaxy S4, a group of analysts were saying that this will be the last Samsung flagship "in the shadow of Apple", meaning that the Galaxy line followed a certain design paradigm since it was conceived as a direct response to the initial iPhone success.

Next year, they iterated, all indicators pointed towards a major overhaul of the flagship phone that literally catapulted Samsung to where it is now. As if to back this up, Samsung official stated recently that they've been taken a bit by surprise by the ever-growing demand for their top Galaxy phone, and went with chassis material that does the job, yet can be quickly produced in multimillion copies in a short period of time.

Now an alleged insider from Samsung has reportedly confirmed that the company is indeed working on an aluminum-cladGalaxy S5, like the concept render depicted in the thumb image, which would be more akin to what HTC did with the One, than the plastic Galaxy tradition. Of course, at this point the S5 is still a twinkle in the design department's eyes, so a lot of things might change between now and the eventual next spring unveiling. 

The more premium materials for the Galaxy phone chassis seem to be a part of the new direction Samsung is rumored to take with the outer appearance of its Androids, called Design 3.0. Plasticky feel is the main gripe pundits have had with Samsung's flagships, so addressing that would be imperative next time, given that the competition has really woken up already.


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