This metal-clad Galaxy S IV concept render should be framed at Samsung's design desk


Concept phone renderings are where the imagination can run wild and very rarely jibe with production and marketing realities at big companies, but one can dream, right?

This Samsung Galaxy S IV concept, however, is actually very down to earth, and doesn't shoot for the specs or crazy design stars, just features a solidly built handset carrying components most of which have been speculated so far to indeed find their place in the final production version.

Well, the concept sketch does have some exotic thoughts built into it, or otherwise it wouldn't be a concept worth its salt - namely the metal chassis, which, as far as we know Samsung, and given the ever-increasing screen size of flagship Androids, is unlikely to happen. Other than that, the design takes cues from the company's build tradition so far, and the specs are pretty much what we might see in Samsung's finest this year.

source: TamerAli (Twitter) via AndroidCommunity

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