Galaxy S23 Ultra users are now complaining that the S Pen is acting up

Galaxy S23 Ultra users are now saying that the S Pen is acting up
One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is its built-in S Pen but some users are reporting that the stylus keeps getting disconnected.

The Galaxy S series has absorbed the productivity-oriented Galaxy Note range and the S Pen is now a defining element of the line. Naturally, users are not happy that it's not working the way it should (via PunikaWeb).

The S Pen won't stay connected to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, per  complaints on Reddit, Samsung community boards, and Twitter. When the stylus is taken out of the silo, users get a notification that it's disconnected, prompting them to pop it back into the storage slot. A couple of users said that the stylus won't connect to their phone at all.

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A couple of solutions have been proposed to get around the connection problem. One fix that seems to work for a lot of people is enabling the "keep S Pen connected" toggle. This can be found by going to Settings, navigating to Advanced Features, and then tapping on S Pen. This is going to use more battery, though the impact is unlikely to be huge.

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You may also try resetting the S Pen by opening Settings, choosing Advanced Features, going to S Pen, and tapping the three vertical dots at the top. This fix only seems to work temporarily, meaning the connection issues may crop back up after some hours.

Thankfully, the S Pen works even when it's not connected, but Bluetooth connectivity is required for advanced features.

This is likely a software issue and since online forums are filling up with complaints about the problem, Samsung will probably address it soon.

It hasn't even been a month since the Galaxy S23 Ultra's release and several annoying bugs have already been reported. Many users also thought that something was wrong with the display

No device is immune to bugs and as long as issues get solved, there is nothing to worry about. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has been received well by buyers and reviewers alike and issues like this are unlikely to prevent it from becoming one of the best phones of 2023.
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