Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ are official: price, release date, and all the new features

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Samsung is on fire this year. After the successful Galaxy S10 family, now it's time for the Note line to get a new coat of paint. Guess what, though – Samsung is announcing not one, but two new Galaxy Note phones today: the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, and they are ridiculously sleek.

A breathtaking Note design

The Note 10 (6.3") and 10 Plus (6.8") are pretty much the same phone inside, but there are certain differences that need to be mentioned. Think of the Note 10 Plus as the direct successor to the Note 9 – it's humongous, has a spectacularly large display, and comes with two exclusive features: a) microSD card slot, and b) a ToF (time of flight) depth sensor.

The Note 10, on the other hand, is a new direction for the Note line: it's a more compact version of the 10 Plus that we'd call brutally sexy, for lack of a better description. While the Note 10 does have all the premium features found in the 10 Plus, it's true that it doesn't have a microSD slot or an additional depth sensor to help the camera, but at this point neither of these is considered a huge loss.

If you thought that Note 9 was a looker, then wait until you see the 10 series. It's a night and day difference. The Note 10 and 10 Plus are a huge step forward in terms of style. They mostly exhibit the design language of the S10 family, but keep the traditionally more rectangular Note shape, which we think works brilliantly here.

The build and materials? Ridiculously premium. Stylishly curved glass on front and back, and a thin, polished stainless steel frame holding it all together. The whole thing shines like a freshly washed super car – it can't get much better. Samsung has done a good, but not outstanding job with the colors. The one you'll see featured in most places is probably going to be the Aura Glow model, which tends to gravitate around blue, but actually alters its color tremendously depending on the light and angle that you're viewing it at. It's great, but may feel a bit too much, especially to the more mature audience. For those folks, there are the Aura White and Aura Black models, which are superb. There are also Aurora Pink and Red variants for the Note 10, and Aurora Blue for the Note 10+, but availability for these colors will vary from market to market.

The bezels around the gorgeous AMOLED screens of the Note 10 and 10 Plus are incredibly slim. They are barely there, and this makes for a breathtaking view. The Note 9's bezels weren't exactly thick, but this here is something else entirely. Once again, Samsung has cut a small hole in the screen for the front camera. Unlike with the S10, here the front cameras are positioned in the upper middle of the display, which we actually find to look pretty great.


Camera and S Pen improvements

The rear cameras, which are 12 MP main, 16 MP extra-wide, and 12 MP telephoto on both Notes, have not changed since the Galaxy S10. However, there are some new features to make them more fun to use.

First, there is Live Focus Video. Live Focus is Samsung's name for portrait mode, and the cool thing is that now you can use that for video as well. This may theoretically work a bit better on the Note 10 Plus, because of the additional ToF (time of flight) sensor, which supplies more depth information for the phone to use when trying to separate the subject from the background.

Another fun new thing is AR Doodle: you can basically draw over the subject using the S Pen, and the drawings will move along with the movement of the person. For example, you can draw funny ears or mustaches on the person, and they will move along as they move. As they say, the possibilities are endless...

By now you've probably started to wonder: aside from some minor things, how is the Note 10 different from the S10? Ahh, going straight for the tough questions, aren't you? Alrighty then: the one key distinguishing feature of the Note series is making a return, and it's more awesome than ever. The all-new S Pen now has a unibody construction for a more substantial feel, but it's also learned a new trick or two.

There are some more or less superficial new features, such as S Pen air gestures, allowing you to control the camera remotely. For example, you can press the S Pen button, and then wave it up or down like a magic S Pen wand, in order to switch between the front and rear cameras. You can do the same but horizontally, and this will let you switch between camera modes.

What's cooler is that Samsung has upgraded its Notes application, so now it has more options and makes handwriting even more productive. A new handwriting recognition feature can analyze your terrible, impossible to understand writing and convert it into printed text, which you can then export to various formats, including MS Word. How cools is that?

And for those who are not only jotting down notes, but also letting their artistic potential take shape on that beautiful OLED canvass, there's now the option to zoom in and out of drawings, allowing you to precisely work on subtle details.

Performance, 5G and Battery

Powering the Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus are the latest 7 nm chipsets: Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9825. As usual, Note 10 devices sold in the United States will feature the Snapdragon chipset, while international models will rock Samsung's brand new Exynos 9825. Both chipsets should be plenty powerful, which no considerable differences in performance.

One thing that is going to differ a bit between the Note 10 and 10 Plus is the RAM. The smaller Note 10 comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is plenty already, but the Note 10 Plus is going to step this up to the ridiculous 12 GB RAM. All these numbers are mind-boggling, but wait until you hear about the internal storage... 256 GB base storage for both Note 10s, and on the Plus, you can step this up to 512 GB. Who needs a microSD card with such generous amounts of space?

Another spec which is becoming more and more important this year is 5G. As with the S10 5G, Samsung is once again going with a specialty variant of the Note 10 Plus that is going to support 5G, and this particular model should be available for purchase in those markets where carriers offer 5G networks. The 6.3" Note 10 may also be getting a 5G version, judging by some of Samsung's product materials.

With so much going on, the batteries better be good, right? Well, we obviously don't have any first-hand findings regarding the actual battery life yet, but at least we know the capacities: 3500 mAh on the Note 10 and 4300 mAh on the Note 10 Plus. These juice packs sound quite alright on paper, but we're curious to see how they are going to translate in real life longevity.

Price and Release date

The Samsung Galaxy Note has never been a cheap device, because, well, that would have been absurd. With smartphone prices going up and up, though, it's perfectly obvious why there's so much tension in the air when it comes to how Samsung is going to price the new Notes. Well, we have good and bad news for you! The good news is the 6.3" Note 10 may actually be a tad cheaper than originally expected. The bad news is you'll still be paying a small fortune for this phone. Here we go:

  • Galaxy Note 10 256 GB price: $950
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus 256 GB price: $1100
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus 512 GB price: $1200
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G price: $1300

Sounds reasonable to us! Considering the cost of the competition... which is Apple's iPhone XS family.

So, when is the Galaxy Note 10 release date? Easy! The Note 10 and Note 10 Plus should go on sale in most markets on August 23, while pre-orders start on Aug 8. Looks like Note fans will have plenty of time to contemplate whether or not to part ways with those $1000. Markets where the Note 10 doesn't launch on August 23, should get the phone shortly afterwards, but there are no firm details yet.

For our first-hand impression of the Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, don't forget to check out our Galaxy Note 10 hands-on!

What is your take on the Galaxy Note 10?

The most powerful Galaxy Note suite of productivity and creativity tools with enhanced S Pen and pro-grade camera now comes in two sizes


– August 7, 2019 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled the Galaxy Note10, a new line of

premium smartphones that combines elegant design with powerful performance and productivity tools to help

users make the most of every moment. Inspired by a generation that flows seamlessly between work and life, the

Galaxy Note10 gives users the freedom to work the way they want and showcase their creative spirit, all on-the-

go. For years, the Galaxy Note series has helped millions of loyal users around the world pursue their passions and

achieve their goals, and with the Galaxy Note10, Samsung is helping users do more of what they love.

“From the very beginning, the Galaxy Note has stood for the best-of-the-best technologies and features. The

Galaxy Note10 re-imagines this promise for the modern Note fan who uses their smartphone to take their

productivity and creativity to the next level, and who effortlessly flows between ideas and endeavors at a

moment’s notice,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics.

“Every element of the Galaxy Note10 was designed to help users achieve more. Whether they’re finishing a big

project for work, capturing and editing a video, or playing their favorite mobile game, the Galaxy Note10 will help

them do it faster and better.”


Galaxy Note users appreciate the power of sophisticated designnot just the look and feel of their device, but the experience it offers. Every element of the Galaxy Note10 is crafted to be sleek, slim and distraction-free, so users can devote their full attention to the ideas, projects, and content that matters most.

 Two Sizes: For the first time ever, the Galaxy Note10 comes in two sizes, so consumers can find the Notethat’s best for them. The Galaxy Note10 opens up the Note to users who want the power of the S Penand ultimate productivity in a compact form factor, packing a 6.3-inch Cinematic Infinity Display into the most compact Note yet. The Galaxy Note10+ features the biggest Note display ever with a 6.8-inchCinematic Infinity Display on a device that’s still easy to hold and easy to use.

The Galaxy Note10’s display is Samsung’s best yet. From its physical construction to its underlying technology, the display is designed to immerse users in their favorite TV, movies and games.

  •   Edge-to-edge Design: The Galaxy Note10’s edge-to-edge Cinematic Infinity Display is nearly bezel-less, while the in-display cut out for the front camera is small and centered for a balanced design. Samsung’smost immersive display creates a seamless experience between thought and action, viewing and creating.

  •   Best Quality Display: The Galaxy Note10 features the award-winning Dynamic AMOLED display. With HDR10+ certification and Dynamic Tone Mapping, photos and videos are brighter than previous Note devices, and feature a stunning, wide color range. UL verifiedthe Galaxy Note10 display for its 98% color

    UL verified Galaxy Note 10 for its Premium Hole Display with Color & Brightness Uniformity 98% and Camera Hole Transparency 92%


and brightness uniformity. The Eye Comfort display reduces blue light without affecting color quality for comfortable viewing2.


Note users put a premium on productivity, and they see their phone as essential to helping them do and achieve more. For these users, the Galaxy Note10 features new technologies, enhanced capabilities and powerful integrations all in service of giving users the freedom to work in the way that makes them the most productive.

  •   Handwriting to Text: The Galaxy Note10 brings a powerful new capability to the re-designed, uni-body S Pen. Now, users can jot down notes, instantly convert their handwriting to digital text in Samsung Notes, and export it to a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Word. Users can now customize notes by shrinking, enlarging, or changing the color of the text. In just a few taps, meeting minutes can be formatted and shared; bursts of inspiration can quickly become editable documents.

  •   Evolution of the S Pen: The Galaxy Note10 builds on the Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled S Pen capabilities introduced on the Galaxy Note9 by adding Air actions, allowing you to control certain aspects of the device using gestures with the S Pen. By opening up the Air actions SDK, developers can create customized controls that give users the ability to play games or use their favorite applications using gestures.

  •   Samsung DeX for PC3The Galaxy Note10 extends Samsung DeX’s capabilities, making it easier for usersto work between their phone and a PC or Mac. With a simple, compatible USB connection, users can drag and drop files between devices, and use their favorite mobile apps with a mouse and a keyboard, while keeping their data secure on their phone through Samsung Knox.

  •   Link to Windows: The Galaxy Note10 integrates Link to Windows directly into the Quick Panel. With one click, users can connect to their Windows 10 PC. There, they can see notifications, send and receive messages, and review recent photos without pausing to look down at their phone.


    With the Galaxy Note10, content creators and everyday users alike can use state-of-the-art tools to capture stunning video and photosallowing their channels, stories and posts to stand out and make an impact. Featuring a combination of advanced imaging technology and software, the Galaxy Note10 elevates mobile videography and photography to the next level.

  •   Premium Video Technology: The Galaxy Note10 enables users to capture pro-grade video without having to carry around any extra gear. Live focus video adds depth-of-field adjustments so you can blur the background to focus on your subject. Zoom-In Mic amplifies the audio in frame and pushes background noise aside to help focus on the sounds that you want. And to remove the bumps and shakes that usually make an action shot blurry, new and improved Super steady stabilizes footage, and is now available in Hyperlapse mode for steady time-lapse videos.

  •   Quick and Easy Video Editing: Once they’ve recorded their video, Galaxy Note10 users can edit-on-the-go instantly right from their phone. Video editor can be used with the S Pen, so instead of having to tap to select or edit a clip, users can choose the precise moment they want to trim. For creators who need even more control over their footage, Adobe Rushon the Galaxy Note10 provides a sophisticated suite of editing tools, now even more accurate with the S Pen.

  •   Screen Recorder: For gamers who want to add some personality to their streams, or vloggers who want to enhance their tutorials, the Galaxy Note10 introduces Screen recorder. Easily capture what’s on thescreen, use picture-in-picture to add reactions, and use the S Pen to annotate as they record for a more entertaining, engaging video.

    TÜ V Rheinland, a globally recognized certification institute, awarded Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + display the Eye Comfort Certification based on its ability to drastically reduce the harmful effects of blue light. This certification can be found on with the ID 1419071436.
    Available with Windows 7, Windows 10 for Windows PC, and High Sierra, Mojave for Mac

    Adobe Rush is downloadable

  •   AR Doodle and 3D Scanner: The Galaxy Note10 integrates bleeding-edge AR and 3D capabilities into the camera. Along with an Ultra Wide camera, it opens up an entirely new medium for creators. With AR Doodle, use the S Pen to personalize photos with dynamic drawings, effects, and animations that track to the image. And with 3D Scanner5, a groundbreaking first for the Note, the Galaxy Note10+’s DepthVisioncamera can take a scan of an object6, and instantly turn it into a movable 3D rendering.

  •   Night Mode: People take plenty of selfies in low light situationsat dinner, at concerts or just enjoying a sunset. Night Mode, now available on the front camera, lets users capture striking selfies no matter how dim or dark the conditions.


    Note fans use their phones to do just about everythingnot just tackling everyday tasks, but taking on big projects: running their business, editing video for their social media channels, creating beautiful illustrations with the S Pen. To help them do it all, the Galaxy Note10 is engineered with top-tier hardware and next-level features.

  •   Super Fast Charging: With just 30 minutes of charge, the Galaxy Note10+ lasts through the daywith up to 45W wired charging capability8.

  •   Wireless PowerShare9: Wireless PowerShare comes to the Note. Users can wirelessly recharge their Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, or another Qi-enabled device with the Galaxy Note10

  •   Gaming: As mobile games get more processing-heavy and graphics-rich, the best gaming experiences require top specs. The Galaxy Note10 features the world’s slimmest vapor chamber cooling system, whichdelivers optimal performance during gameplay while keeping the device slim and sleek. With the AI-basedGame Booster, the Galaxy Note10 optimizes performance and power consumption depending on the game. And with the PlayGalaxy Link P2P streaming service, users can pick up where users left off on any PC game and enable them to continue playing on the move with no need for local storage.

  •   Hyper-fast Speeds: With LTE and 5G-ready options, Note10 users can take full advantage of their carriers’fastest speeds. The Galaxy Note10+ 5G harnesses the full power of the next generation network for streaming high resolution video, downloading content hyper fast, and streaming graphics-heavy games in real time. By allowing us to do everything we love, hyper fast, the Note10+ 5G is changing the way we consume content and connect with friends and family.


    The Galaxy Note10 sits at the heart of the Galaxy ecosystem, a suite of premium products and services that offerexperiences to help make users’ lives more streamlined and connected. Wearables like the Galaxy Watch Active 2and tablets like the Galaxy Tab S6 keep users connected and help them accomplish more on-the-go.

    Building on these products are Samsung services which provide users with a connected and convenient Galaxy experience. Samsung Pay enables swift and secure payment options. Samsung Health helps users achieve their health and wellness goals with seamless tracking and monitoring. Samsung Knox safeguards data with defense-grade security solutions. Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, provides integrated support to make your lifeeasier, more organized and connected.

    Galaxy Note10 Availability

    The Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ will be available in Aura Glow, Aura White and Aura Black starting from August 23rd. For more information about the Galaxy Note10, visit, or

    3D scanner is downloadable
    Scanning area with 3D Scanner is limited to within 10x10x10cm by 80x80x80cm
    Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
    Available only for the Galaxy Note10+. 45W charger should be purchased separately.
    Wireless PowerShare may not work with non-Samsung accessories or covers. May affect call reception or data services, depending on your network environment.

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