Don't get burned this summer: mobile hardware with skin-saving UV sensors


Who doesn't like a little fun in the sun? In the US, today's observance of Memorial Day marks what for many is the start of the summer season, and that means that we're about to find ourselves spending a lot more time outside, whether that's enjoying a nice meal, engaging in our favorite recreational activity, or just simply hanging out and taking in the beautiful weather. But for as good as some nice, warm sunshine can feel, there's a dark side to all that exposure, and the sun's powerful UV rays can wreak havoc on our skin. Once again, it's mobile gadgets to the rescue!

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation may not be visible, but it sure packs a wallop, and UV rays from the sun are responsible not just for nasty sunburns, but are also a major contributing factor to the incidence of skin cancer.

While plenty of folks are going to find a tan attractive, nobody wants to end up looking like a lobster, and there's certainly nothing attractive about overdoing things to the point where you end up damaging your health – to say nothing of risking your life.

You can always check the day's UV forecast in your local weather report, but for the past several years now, mobile device manufacturers have been offering hardware that empowers users to track their own exposure, thanks to the presence of UV-detecting sensors.

Here are some of your best options around for smartphones and wearables packing this kind of UV-sensing tech, all ready to help you keep an eye on the sun's impact on your skin.

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