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Do the Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 have a microSD card slot?

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Do the Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 have a microSD card slot?
The new Galaxy A-series devices are here and flagship phones all around the world should be worried. The Galaxy A52 and A72 come packed-full of features, some of which you don’t find even in the highest tier models out there.

Samsung has taken a page from its own book and made the Galaxy A52 and A72 waterproof. The phones also feature high refresh rate displays, fast processors, large batteries, and attractive price tags. There’s one question, though, that many people ask themselves.

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In light of the Galaxy S21 series omitting the microSD card, you may wonder if Samsung is going to follow the same route with its midrange phones. You’re in for a surprise!

Does the Galaxy A52 have a microSD card slot?

Yes! The Samsung Galaxy A52 sports a microSD card slot and can take microSD cards with a capacity of up to 1TB! Now that’s a feature that most modern flagship phones are lacking. Of course, you’re not obligated to buy a microSD card but it’s a really nice option to have.

Does the Galaxy A72 have a microSD card slot?

Same thing! The Galaxy A72 can take 1TB microSD cards, just like the rest of the new A-series family. Bear in mind that both devices sport a hybrid SIM/microSD slot, so if you plan to use two SIM cards you won’t be able to expand the memory via a microSD card.

Do you need a microSD card with the Galaxy A52 and A72?

Given the storage options for the Galaxy A52 and A72, buying a microSD is not absolutely necessary. All models come with two storage options - 128 and 256GB. You’ll be hard-pressed to fill all this storage even on the base model so a microSD card purchase is optional.

On the other hand, if you’re upgrading from a phone with a microSD card slot, you’ll probably want to take your old microSD card with you. In this case, having a microSD card slot is very convenient. Last but not least, if you ever run out of storage space, you can always buy up to 1TB in the form of a microSD card and breathe new life into your Galaxy A52 or A72.
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