Candy Crush Saga now sees the downside of success

Candy Crush Saga now sees the downside of success
The developer of mobile video game Candy Crush Saga has had quite a ride to the top. King not only made millions and went public, the company also had the audacity to try to trademark the word "Candy." Deutsche Bank, though, has just downgraded the stock, as worries have grown that Candy Crush Saga has peaked, and is now experiencing the slippery slope of the downside.

That can be proven out with numbers. In the second quarter, paying users of Candy Crush Saga declined 12% from 11.9 million in the first quarter, to 10.4 million in the following three month period. The game that is replacing Candy Crush at the top of the charts is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Last month, we told you that the game was running up the charts, helping publisher Glu Mobile's shares nearly double, before dropping back.

The Kardashian game allows you to spend money for in-app purchases designed to make you famous and fashionable inside the game. These in-app purchases are driving Glu Mobile's shares, and are forcing parent's of fashion-conscious teenage girls, to clutch their credit cards just a little tighter.

Does Kim Kardashian feel a little guilty about getting teens to spend their parents' hard earned money for a game? Not on your life. She says that it is parents' responsibility to monitor what their kids do with their handsets and tablets. After all, if kids want to blow huge wads of money on virtual fashion, who is she to stop them?

As for Candy Crush Saga, we've seen what the back side of an uptrend looks like when a once very hot mobile game starts to go south. It isn't pretty. Zynga spent big bucks for the company that owned Draw Something, and that one purchase nearly killed Zynga when Draw Something lost a large percentage of its users.

source: Yahoo



1. sriuslywtf

Posts: 297; Member since: Jul 09, 2013


2. AfterShock

Posts: 4147; Member since: Nov 02, 2012

Going to h3ll in a hand basket.

8. techperson211

Posts: 1280; Member since: Feb 27, 2014

Nothing last forever that's a basic rule.

16. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

As much as I hate Kim Kardashian, I hate even more. Reason being, I have no stake in reality tv, I do in video games, and is ruining them on phones. A game like Kim Kardashian is easy for someone like me to avoid, it has no interest to me at all. Candy Crush does, as I do like puzzle games on occasion, and it is so shamefully perverted that it is pretty much destroying good puzzle games on the Play store, as well as King's other scumworthy games.

3. thartist

Posts: 45; Member since: Jul 14, 2014

ONE GAME and these companies behave like they're... companies. F*ck no! Enjoy it while it lasts cause it's not gonna repeat!

4. GreekGeek

Posts: 1276; Member since: Mar 22, 2014

Lol yeah, look at Rovio now, but gotta give them credit for sustaining a game longer than it should

5. fzacek

Posts: 2486; Member since: Jan 26, 2014

Everything gets old eventually...

6. ProblemSolver15

Posts: 372; Member since: Jun 14, 2010

It's tech, man. We're always looking for the next, best, new game, app or piece of technology. It's in our nature as earthlings. We just don't carry that level of focus. I already want to shelf my Note 3, and I love it on a regular basis. Next!!!

15. Commentator

Posts: 3723; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

And, apparently, that next, best, new app is... the Kim Kardashian game...

7. GeorgeDao123

Posts: 432; Member since: Aug 20, 2013

Glad to see that happens. My friends went crazy with Candies.

9. HugoBarraCyanogenmod

Posts: 1412; Member since: Jul 06, 2014

Candy fail

10. JMartin22

Posts: 2390; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

King with all their Saga titles is just like the plethora of game publishers spewing out garbage and calling it mobile gaming. Their micro-transactions had hard-core consumers spending $1,000s and rigging the algorithm and features of their game to make make you try to spend copious amounts of money that way. Most big name and professional game studios that develop games for mobile take this greedy, unfair, and unbalanced approach. To the point where it's much cheaper to buy a game at $60 retail price if you fully want to enjoy it. Mobile games that adopt the F2P/micro-transactions models are garbage and aren't legitimate game playing experiences. Publishers need to get real with their expectations. Dropping $100.00 once on a game is a lot as it is, they expect you to do it over a dozen times more. Let King burn.

11. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

I have idiot colleagues in my office playing this teen level game, both on facebook and mobile lol. They fight craving for highscores ROFL.

12. Tsepz_GP

Posts: 1177; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

The world of mobile and social network gaming is beastly, each of these companies are quite literally tech bubbles. It shocks me how every 6-12months there's a whole new gaming craze, it's just not a sustainable way for a company to survive, companies that make these games need to have other businesses on the side, look at the companies that make Fifa, Asphalt, Need For Speed, GTA etc... They make quality mobile games once every year but have console gaming to rely on as their main source, allowing them to be more sustainable.

13. vuyonc

Posts: 1091; Member since: Feb 24, 2014

Another one bites the dust *turns on Dark Souls 2 on PS3*

14. livyatan

Posts: 867; Member since: Jun 19, 2013

This is BS.. candy crush earns 950 000 $ daily in the USA alone, while Kim Kardashian earns 300 000. Theres no comparison. As for the real mobile games king, Clash of Clans reigns supreme with about 4 million bucks daily worldwide, a number that is still growing

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