Big 2017 blind phone camera comparison!

Big 2017 blind phone camera comparison!

Which phone has the best camera?

It’s hard to tell, but judging phone cameras objectively is even harder when personal brand preferences get in the way of objective judgment. To avoid this bias, we did something fun a few days ago: a camera comparison with three of the best cameras around, the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the LG V30. You can check out the results of that comparison right here, they are really interesting.

But many of you said: we want more phones! So, we listened. This time, we have a massive blind camera shoot-out between six of the best camera phones of 2017. Shooting with six phones is not an easy task, but we did our best.

The phones in this comparison are:

It does not get any better in terms of camera phone selection.

We have stripped all information about which phone took which photo clear, so the only thing you can judge them on is... quality and nothing else. Keep in mind that we have shuffled the order of the phones for each scene. A is one phone in Scene 1, but a different phone in the next scenes. We have also shot a few different photos in varying conditions, so you get a more comprehensive idea of what these cameras are capable of. Unfortunately, no night photos this time around, but do expect a detailed night time camera comparison in the future. I will answer any other questions in the comments, but now let's waste no time and look at the pictures...

*Disclaimer: We have downsized photos so they load faster, but you can see the full-resolution pictures here. They follow the same order as in this here article.

Scene 1: A restaurant by the port

Scene 2: The road

Scene 3: The old theater

Scene 4: A lighthouse against the sun

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