Apple wins re-examination challenge to Multi-Touch patent

Apple wins re-examination challenge to Multi-Touch patent
Who could ever forget Steve Jobs' introduction of Multi-Touch during the introduction of the Apple iPhone. "Boy, have we patented it," crowed the turtleneck clad CEO when discussing the new technology. "It works like magic," he added. For the first couple of years, competing smartphone manufacturers stayed away from adding "pinch-to-zoom" to their handsets. Instead. we had devices with double tap to zoom which lacked the control of Multi-Touch. Even the Motorola DROID in late 2009 launched without it, although an update eventually added the feature.

For Apple, the good news is that the USPTO now once again recognizes patent No. 7,479,949 after invalidating it in 2012. This happens to be one of the two patents that the ITC has determined was infringed on by Samsung, leading to a current import ban on some older Samsung models including the Samsung Galaxy S II. With the legal victory, Apple could force Android manufacturers into devising a workaround for Multi-Touch.

Apple has already rolled out this patent in court against HTC, Palm, and the aforementioned Samsung. This patent is also expected to be used by Apple in a suit against Google's wholly owned Motorola Mobility subsidiary. Apple has now managed to win re-examination challenges against all 20 claims to the so-called "Steve Jobs" patent. Other re-examination challenges won by Apple include one covering another Multi-Touch patent, and another one covering the bounceback scroll patent.

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source: FOSSPatents, higaara via electronista

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