Apple iPhone SE Q&A: Your questions answered

After our Galaxy S7/S7 edge and LG G5 Q&A sessions proved to be quite popular among you, we decided that it will only be fair if we also did this for another interesting device that got launched just recently. Of course, that'd be Apple's iPhone SE. 

So, we kicked off a Q&A session. You asked, and we now answer! Check the questions and the answers right below.

PA: Gaming, watching YouTube videos and movies, other types of multimedia immediately pop into our minds. This is not a multimedia machine, it's just a very good and compact phone.

PA: Yes and no. It's iconic and all, but doesn't feel as good in the hand as the iPhone 6 or 6s. The iPhone SE is not Apple's flagship, it's just a refreshed version of its last 4" phone and we can't blame Cupertino for sticking to what users of such devices have grown accustomed to. Some like the design, others don't. By the way, if you want to check out our personal opinions on the iPhone SE, check this out.

PA: Let's be honest, the feeling is weird. It's like you're using a toy - that's what years of using >5-inch devices do to your brain. We suppose one might get used to the smaller size, but it will take some time. It's also feels a bit weird to handle a device that can be comfortably operated with a single hand. 

Gaming is fine: all games run extremely well, FPS drops are a rare sight, but all of this goes with the significant downside of experiencing the game on such a small screen. Simply put, games will run more than okay, but playing them on such a small screen is a disgrace.

PA: We'd definitely say "yes!", the iPhone SE has an admirable camera performance. We'd say it's superior to the 930 in this regard, though you'd have to consider lots of other things before you switch - app ecosystem, size, etc.

PA: Yes, we believe it comes with Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) storage on board. Here's why: we ran this benchmark test on an iPhone SE and an iPhone 6s Plus (which certainly comes with NVMe storage on board), and we got similar results from both. Check out the 'Storage Write' and 'Storage Read' benchmarks right below - all data suggests that the munchkin is boasting NVMe storage!

PA: Err... The same way!

PA: There is a slight difference, but worry not, at full volume the SE is still packing a punch. 

PA: No, both get equally hot under heavy loads, without any glaring difference in terms of temperature.

PA: If you have the cash, the SE all the way! 

PA: Light to moderate usage will last you a whole day. If you're heavily using it, however, you will need to plug it in at a certain point. Its true forte is standby time, so we'd say it's pretty comparable to just any other phone out there.

PA: No, we can't say we have experienced anything remotely similar yet.

PA: You need the T-Mobile model of the iPhone SE to use Wi-Fi calling.

PA: Never pick the 16GB version of any iPhone, 64 gigs is well worth the investment. That said, we believe you can get by with 16GB if you're usingit mostly as a phone, but you're a PhoneArena reader, so we bet you're a power user! 

PA: Yes, we can. Here you go

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