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LG G5 Q&A: your questions answered!

We gave you the opportunity to have your LG G5 questions answered, and here they are! Have in mind that as we have a pre-production LG G5 unit on us, we have not answered any questions related to:

  • display measurements
  • audio quality
  • camera image quality
  • battery life

These will all be addressed in our final review of the phone, which is coming soon. Until then, you will have to satisfy your hunger for information with the following bits, but first make sure to check these out:

PA: The Galaxy S7 feels a bit more comfortable in the hand. Part of this is due to the chrome edge on the frame of the G5, which digs into the hand a bit. The back is a bit slippery, but that's the case with most of the aluminum phones out there.

PA: No, there doesn't seems to be such a limitation. Once you put more than 9 apps in a folder, an additional page is automatically created. Yes, we guess you can use this as an app drawer of sorts!

PA: Sadly, there isn't such a toggle. The only way to disable the always-on display is by heading to the Settings menu. We know, we are not fans of this either. LG should have taken a page of Samsung's book, as the Galaxy S7/S7 edge have such toggles.

PA: The auto brightness on the LG G5 is a bit aggressive, yes. You should know that the brightness slider doesn't have any offset in auto mode, meaning that even if you have automatic brightness enabled, you can also manually adjust it from the dimmest to the brightest setting. 

PA: We are pleasantly surprised with LG's UI this time around. The UI feels rather snappy and quite responsive, with no hiccups here and there. Certainly a performer, that LG G5! 

PA: Well, you'll have 4,000mAh at your disposal.

PA: It looks pretty sleek and minimalistic with the new outline iconography. The interface itself is pretty intuitive and pleasant to look at. It's a bit different from what was found on the G4 and the V10, and we really like it. 

PA: Yes, you can bring back the app drawer by enabling the stock "Easy Home" launcher.

PA: Our pre-production unit did not have a wonky module mechanism. On the contrary - it actually fits in pretty snug and you have to exert some force to actually move the lower part of the module around. It doesn't feel like it's about to become loose anytime soon, but it really depends on the way you use it.

PA: Well, the phone will get warm after an intense 10-minute gaming session, but in mundane everyday usage it's rather unlikely to get unpleasantly hot. Overall, the heat dissipation is good.

PA: The phone undoubtedly looks better in person than on photos and press images. Certain design elements, like the chrome edge for example, are not exactly standing out on pictures, but in real life, it really makes a difference, though it's debatable whether it's a good or a bad design element.

PA: G5's fingerprint reader is very fast, probably on par with the Nexus 6P. You should also know that placing your finger on the reader will automatically wake up and unlock the G5 without even showing the lock screen. 

PA: Double-clicking the volume down button launches the camera. You can also quickly snap a photo with the volume down button, too. There won't be any shutter sound if the phone is muted.

PA: Being a bit wider and taller than the Galaxy S6, the G5 is a bit harder to use with a single hand. It's also a bit more slippery than the S6.

PA: A rather important question! No, it doesn't. 

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