Apple: iPhone 6s battery problem is from too much air in the manufacturing process

Apple: iPhone 6s battery problem is from too much air in the manufacturing process
Last month, we told you about an issue that some Apple iPhone 6s owners were having with the battery on their phone. Those models afflicted with the problem were built in September and October of 2015, and cover a certain range of serial numbers. Apple is offering a free battery replacement to those whose iPhone 6s is affected by the problem, and has a serial number within a certain range. The problem usually happens when the battery indicator indicates that there is 30% of life left on the cell. The phone then shuts down and won't turn back on until the charger is plugged in with the phone attached. At that time, the phone starts back up with 30% battery life remaining.

As we told you yesterday, you can find out if you're eligible to receive a free battery replacement by heading over to Apple's support website and entering your iPhone 6s' serial number into a "serial number checker." Apple said that it would even reimburse those who had a third party shop replace their juicer before Apple announced that it would take care of things. 

While Apple's main focus has been to alert its customers how to see if Apple owes them a free battery replacement, there are some questions about how this problem happened. On its Chinese website, Apple says that it has discovered that a small number of iPhone 6s models produced in September and October of 2015 had battery compartments exposed to ambient air for longer than they should have been. The compartments were eventually assembled into battery packs. While not a safety problem, this can cause the cells to degrade faster than normal.

Apple also pointed out that the iPhone battery is designed to shut down under certain conditions that would normally lower the voltage of the battery, resulting in damage to the handset's electronics. That could take place under extremely cold weather conditions.

If you are experiencing this problem with your iPhone 6s, go to the sourcelink and type your iPhone's serial number into the "serial number checker." If your phone's serial number is on the list, you get a free battery replacement. If the number isn't listed, you might have to pay to get the battery replaced. It's like playing a game of chance.

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source: AppleSupport, Apple  via BusinessInsider

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  • Battery 1715 mAh
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106. Skimshaddy

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105. sissy246

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What happened to all the replies on this article PA I am only showing 13 and it should be 107

104. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

I knew it, Apple and full of air

62. bubbadoes

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apple has figured out the problem in a month along with A fix while samsung is still releasing a phone everyday and not knowing or having a fix for the note7 other than total recall and banned from all flights in the US. OBYW. they will tell fans a later date what happened

71. sissy246

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"Samsung is still releasing a phone everyday and not knowing or having a fix for the note7" What the heck are you talking about? The note 7 is Not still being released

57. sissy246

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50. tedkord

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So long as they're fixing the problem free of cost, then it's not an issue.

36. andriodfanboy1

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So in the end its apple or Sammy no can really get right this battery tech nor they still completely understand it

18. Tizo101

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So the ultimate answer is that our battery is cheap and it degrades quickly lol

31. ibend

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and an aswer that explain why it's battery capacity so small..

10. patrioticwarrior

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Apple to its supplier "you are manufacturing it wrong " . Apple to its buyer -" you are buying it wrong ".

30. ibend

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apple is never wrong afterall...

7. guests

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what?? apple didn't blame their users?? Is this real world?

27. Tanii

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they had in start, afterwards had to change their policy.

2. John-Knotts

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Samsung knows. They are waiting until there are no more in the wild.

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