Android 2.3 requires no minimum processor speed, Motorola DROID owners smile

Android 2.3 requires no minimum processor speed, Motorola DROID owners smile
Last June, well known Russian tech writer Eldar Murtazin shook up a large percentage of Android users by writing that for an Android phone to upgrade to Android 2.3, the device would need a 1GHz processor. This seemed to mean that Froyo was the end of the road for such iconic models like the original Motorola DROID, the device credited with starting Androidmania. However, before you could even say DROID Does ten times fast, Google engineer Dan Morrill shot down Murtazin's storyand all seemed right again in the Android world, a balance of peace and harmony, yin and yang that we reported on during those steaming hot summer days.

The days went by, and now with Android 2.3 about to get installed on Android phones new and old, a customer wrote on LG's Facebook page asking if he was going to get Android 2.3 on his LG Optimus One. The response was that the handset needed a 1GHz processor for the upgrade, which it did not have. Once again the rumor spread that Gingerbread required a 1GHz processor and once again Dan Morrill was there to set the record straight. Another Android engineer by the name of Brian Swetland threw in his 2 cent tweet to say that "any device that runs well with Froyo should run even better with Gingerbread."

The guys at Android Guys (natch) came up with a list of which devices will certainly get Gingerbread (Google Nexus S gets to launch with the software on December 16th, and the Nexus One will be upgraded in a few weeks). It might be quicker to list the Android phones that might be left out of the Android 2.3 upgrade like the LG Optimus series (LG Optimus M for MetroPCS, LG Optimus T  for T-Mobile, LG Optimus S for Sprint, LG Optimus U for U.S. Cellular, and the LG Vortex). That means that owners of the original Motorola DROID live to fight another day.

source: AndroidandMe

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