Analyst says RIM has no suitors

Analyst says RIM has no suitors
Thorsten Heins, RIM's CEO, is pulling out all of the stops. He has talked about the possible licensing of BlackBerry 10, although nothing concrete has been made public. While Heins has talked about licensing the QNX inspired OS, another possibility not talked about by the executive is the possible sale of the entire company. Town Hall Investment Research analyst Jamie Townsend sent out a report to clients about a possible sale of RIM. Townsend notes that the Canadian based handset manufacturer has already decided which of its non-essential divisions it can sell to raise cash. There is speculation that IBM is interested in the BlackBerry Enterprise division, but this is a longshot according to Townsend who says that such a sale would cripple RIM's finances.

Going through a list of potential suitors for all of RIM, Townsend finds that Samsung, one of the tech giants most linked to a RIM acquisition, "has its hands full," and while a Samsung purchase of RIM would be the most logical combination, the Korean manufacturer would be "reluctant to add something outside of its current focus."

Other companies mentioned by Townsend as possible buyers of RIM included Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia, Facebook and Google. Each one of them had good reasons not to get involved at this time, according to the analyst. The result? RIM will have to wait for the launch of BlackBerry 10 and hope that it is a success. There are some indications that this could be a possibility. A RIM executive who accompanied CEO Heins on a road trip to visit carriers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico said that Canadian carriers had a "tremendous" response to BlackBerry 10.

source: BGR

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