After India raises import taxes, Apple raises iPhone prices in the country by 3.1% to 4.3%

After India raises import taxes, Apple raises iPhone prices in the country by 3.1% to 4.3%
Nearly two days after the Indian government hiked taxes on mobile phones, televisions and video cameras imported into the country, Apple has raised prices on the entire range of iPhone models imported into India. Those last three words are important because it means that the 4-inch iPhone SE will not have to face a price increase. That is because this particular model has been manufactured by Wistron in India since May.

Apple has targeted India, especially after Chinese sales starting floundering over a six quarter period that ended during the company's fiscal fourth quarter (which ended this past September). While India is the second largest market in the world for smartphones, average salaries in the region are low enough to prevent Indian consumers from buying top shelf and flagship models. This explains why Apple is assembling the iPhone SE in India. The lowest priced iPhone in the country, the 32GB iPhone SE is priced at 26,000 INR, which is equivalent to $405 USD at today's exchange rates. Compare that to the post-increase price of 105,720 INR ($1646 USD) for the top of the line 256GB Apple iPhone X

While India raised its import tax on the aforementioned products to 15% from 10%, the range of price increases for the iPhone lineup in India ranges from 3.1% to 4.3%. The new prices (in Indian Rupees) and the percentage increase for each model available in the country are as follows:

  • 64GB Apple iPhone X-new price 92,430 INR +3.9%
  • 256GB Apple iPhone X-new price 105,720 INR +3.6%
  • 64GB Apple iPhone 8-new price 66,120 INR +3.3%
  • 256GB Apple iPhone 8-new price 79,420 INR +3.1%
  • 64GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus-new price 75,450 INR +3.4%
  • 256GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus-new price 88,750 INR +3.2%
  • 32GB Apple iPhone 7-new price 50,810 INR +3.7%
  • 128GB Apple iPhone 7-new price 59,910 INR +3.3%
  • 32GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus-new price 61,060 INR +3.5%
  • 128GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus-new price 70,180 INR +3.2%
  • 32GB Apple iPhone 6s-new price 41,550 INR +3.9%
  • 128GB Apple iPhone 6s-new price 50,660 INR +3.4%
  • 32GB Apple iPhone 6s Plus-new price 59,860 INR +3.2%
  • 32GB Apple iPhone 6-new price 30,780 INR +4.3%
  • 32GB Apple iPhone SE-price 26,000 INR +0%
  • 128GB Apple iPhone SE-price 26,000 INR +0%

The above are manufacturer's suggested retail prices, which means that when it comes to real life purchases of these iPhone models in India, consumers there will probably pay less.

source: NDTV

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