Accessories for Google Glass now available

Accessories for Google Glass now available
Part of the fun of buying a new device is looking at the accessories and buying the ones that you want. Now that feeling is coming to those Google Glass Explorer Edition owners who are looking to enhance the fun of owning the connected specs. Of the accessories listed on a leaked document, the only one in stock is a $75 Clear Shield that is compatible with the revised version of Google Glass.

What is out of stock is a set of mono earbuds that will cost $50 when available, and a carrying case made of Japanese micro-fiber that is also priced at $50. And wouldn't you know that $50 is also the price for the USB cable and proprietary charger for Google Glass. Certainly more extras will be offered the closer we get to a full release of the device.

If you have the Explorer model and want the clear shield, don't be turned off by the requirement that it will work on the new hardware only. There is talk that Google will allow those with the Explorer model to take advantage of a one time free upgrade to the new model of Google Glass. And that will allow you to use the Clear Shield.

One accessory that might never make it to the market is a battery recharger for the cigarette lighter in a car. Considering that a Google wearer just got ticketed for wearing Glass while driving (she was speeding as well), it might not not be a great idea to give users of the device an incentive to wear them while behind the wheel.

Check out the slideshow below to see the Google Glass accessories.

source: AndroidHeadlines via SlashGear

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