California woman ticketed for driving with Google Glass

California woman ticketed for driving with Google Glass
Despite some talk that wearing Google Glass while driving could enhance your abilities behind the wheel, in California it is still against the law. That is what Cecilia Abadie found out when she was ticketed for wearing the connected specs while driving. A law that bans the driver of a car from viewing a television monitor while behind the wheel is in play here, although the law does have some exceptions that are wide enough for Google Glass to, um, drive through. 

Any decent attorney should be able to point out that merely looking at your cellphone while driving is not illegal and unless Ms. Abadie told the officer that she was using Google Glass to surf a website or view a YouTube video, there is no proof that she was actually operating the device at the time. If he wasn't running a Cinnabon somewhere in Omaha, perhaps she should "call Saul".

In fairness to the officer that pulled her over, we should point out that Ms. Abadie was allegedly speeding, which is why she was pulled over in the first place.

source: +CeciliaAbadie via Phandroid

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