40% of iPads bought on Black Friday were by Android smartphone owners

40% of iPads bought on Black Friday were by Android smartphone owners
So which devices were in demand on Black Friday? According to a survey of 125,000 shoppers, different variations of the Apple iPad were very much in demand last Friday, along with the Microsoft Surface RT. At Walmart, the 16GB Apple iPad mini was the top seller for Black Friday, priced at $299. At Target, the 16GB Apple iPad Air was the device most in demand on Friday, with a $479 price tag.

Over at big box retailer Best Buy, the OG 32GB Microsoft Surface RT slab led the way, priced at $199. Microsoft already wrote off about $900 million of these tablets and at $199 they were obviously priced to move. We wonder how many thought that they were buying the new iteration of the slate. The tablet that never dies, the 16GB Apple iPad 2 was the runner up to the Surface RT at Best Buy. The 16GB Amazon Kindle Fire came next, with the OG version of the 7 inch Android slab going for $99.

While tablets captured the first four spots at Best Buy, they had the first three at Target. After the aforementioned iPad Air on top, the 16GB Apple iPad mini and the 32GB Apple iPad Air were numbers two and three respectively. Keep in mind that this is the version of the 7.9 inch iPad without a Retina display. Walmart's top Black Friday device sales were a lot more varied than the other two retailers. The top ranked iPad mini, which we already mentioned, happened to be the only connected smartphone or tablet in the deep discounter's top five.

Speaking of the Apple iPad, according to InfoScout, who called this its first annual Black Friday survey, 40% of Apple iPad purchases on the so-called 'shopping holiday', were made by those who use an Android smartphone. Obviously, Android tablet manufacturers need to discover what the problem is here. And lastly, of those who shopped last Friday, only 29% spent more money online than at a brick and mortar score.

source: InfoScout (1), (2) via PCMag



1. D.Aceveda

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2. DaHarder

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"40% of iPads bought on Black Friday were by Android smartphone owners"... Highly Questionable Results. Then Again... This could easily be interpreted as those 'Android smartphone owners' (allegedly) buying all these iPads found the Apple's iPhone so lacking (in features, display resolution, display size, et. al ?) that they chose Android smartphones instead. Regardless... Looks like retailers had a great sales weekend.

3. Shatter

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Most of them probably thought a 4" screen was a joke but didn't mind the iPad since its actually competive with android displays.

9. woodshop20

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iPad is actually competitive with Android tabs. iPhone, on the other hand, is not.

11. joey_sfb

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Subjective, while iOS don't appeal to me. I can see many people liking the iPhone for its simplicity. Many young toddlers and grannies love the iPad.

13. Diezparda

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i agree, i never owned an iPhone (i never interested to begin with) but as an android phone owner the iPad seems nice to me, it offer multitasking gestures (which iPhone not offered without to jailbreaking your device), more optimized apps, etc... The iOS 7 for the iPad seems like a blown up iPhone anyway, unlike iOS 6 the new iOS 7 still need some refinement.

23. JakeLee

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Oh, you are not banned? Welcome back. You didn't change at all though, still spreading pure BS.

17. Finalflash

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There are like 6 or 7 phones in our house minimum. 1 iPhone 5s, 1 padfone infinity, 3 GS4, 1 Nexus 4 and a galaxy nexus (backup old phones include an iphone 3GS, 2 iphone 3Gs and iPhone 4 as well as well). We have 1 iPad 2, 1 PFI station, 1 Nexus 7 2013, 1 Transformer infinity. No one with any intelligence in their right mind draws a line that only allows one brand loyalty. Those that do are idiots and are usually harming themselves.

22. darkkjedii

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FF, now you sound like a techie bro.


Posts: 2315; Member since: Jul 30, 2011

Careful, the thing above is trying to befriend you; don't bite, it's a DarkkTrapp! That's his "MO", he starts with a benign comment usually drawing some parallel to him but, be not fooled, you'll never get rid of him.

32. darkkjedii

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I'm not a thing, I'm a person.


Posts: 2315; Member since: Jul 30, 2011

This story is just bogus; it would be like driving a Ferrari and trading it in for a triCycle (with training wheels)! If you believe this, you also believe that HealthCaredotGov will actually execute insurance enrollments (80,000 just today and all done on iPads, too)!

4. seanwhat

Posts: 321; Member since: Jul 11, 2013

I don't see the point in having an android phone and an android tablet. it's the same thing just with a bigger screen, whats the point? get an ipad, have a change, and access to the rest of the software.and apps. as an android smartphone owner, if i bought a tablet i'd probably get an ipad just for that reason.

5. Gemmol

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your comment had the most sense in this comment section so far, well let me change that, I agree with your response, it's something I would write, every other response is good

8. woodshop20

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But then you'd have to buy all of your apps all over again.

24. JakeLee

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A-G-A-I-N? As if you ever purchased a single app for your suXperia.

28. JunitoNH

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Now that was funny, sad, but so true.

34. Pancholo

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Would you buy the same Call of Duty for your WiiU, your Xbox ONE and your PS4? Really? Damn, I'm sorry, but you're a dummy. You buy it for the one it makes the most sense. Most friends play it on Xbox ONE? You get it for the Xbox ONE. Graphics look prettier for you on a PS4? You get it for the PS4. The priorities are yours to fiddle with, of course, but within reason. It's the same philosophy for each OS. Every platform has its exclusives and its ports. Each one benefits the user in many ways - paid app or not.


Posts: 225; Member since: Oct 10, 2013

You maybe right but if I buy a tablet right now I would only buy samsung galaxy note 2014 edition , nothing can beat it! But I heard a 12.2 note with same config coming in mwc, I will wait for it and I will surely buy it!

33. Pancholo

Posts: 380; Member since: Feb 27, 2012

Best comment ever. This is the way I think when it comes to mobile technology (or tech as a whole for that matter). As it stands right now, even though I already own an iPad 4 (mainly for dev purposes, but still nice to play with) and a Note 2, I would love to switch everything around to a Lumia 1520 and a Note 10.1 2014 at some point. Think of the platforms like they are your gaming consoles - you'll probably end up owning more than 1 at some point of your life, and they all give you the "tingles" in their own way.

6. mikelemon

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16. skyline88

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go home jobboy, u are drunk

7. alaw.14

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I dont know about anybody else but I am really getting tired of these apple sold more than or sold out more articles. Phone arena I know its your favorite company but some people dont care about this.

10. AntiFanBoyz unregistered

Agreed. I don't really care what the masses are buying (regardless of company). I just want to know what's coming and read solid reviews of what's available. And yet here I am, commenting on this article. SMH at myself. I hereby refuse to read future articles like these.


Posts: 225; Member since: Oct 10, 2013

I am too tired, but whom to say ! Just ignore , I came here just to see across comments. last week they did the same with a article iphone 5c sold more than S4 in india! It made me to think all this are cooked up ones!

12. Lboogey6

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I dont see the big deal went from an ipad to a galaxy note 8.0 and love the transition

18. 21babydoll12 unregistered

This article is misrepresented. It clearly states that InfoScout "presumes" 40% of iPads sold are purchased by android users. But no documented collected data supports their article because it's only an assumption. Lack of journalism without supported evidence from PCMAG and InfoScout . Funny how online blogs re-phrase articles over and over until it's completely out of context

19. jacko1977

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iphonearena paid by apple to make false post

20. darkkjedii

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Man shutup and do some research.

29. JunitoNH

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You may be right, but good luck finding an iPad mini in the stores, specially Target.

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