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128 vs 256GB: which Galaxy A52 and A72 storage option should you get?

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128 vs 256GB: which Galaxy A52 and A72 storage option should you get?
The Galaxy A52 and A72 are Samsung’s newest devices and they feature some flagship-threatening specs. You can check how these new upper-midrange phones compare to their predecessors, and also see the available Galaxy A52 and A72 color options.

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And while color options are quite subjective, there’s the question of storage, and it is an important one. No matter if your new Galaxy A52 or A72 is black or awesome violet, if you run out of storage, you’re gonna be in trouble. To make things even more difficult, Samsung has included a microSD card slot in both phones, complicating the possible storage scenarios.

Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 storage options, what are your choices

Samsung is giving two storage options across its new A-series line of devices. There’s the base storage option of 128GB and you can get a 256GB model. There are basically two strategies here - either go for the base storage and get a big microSD card, or don’t bother with microSD and get the 256GB model.

The price difference between the two options equals a nice 512GB microSD card, so the question becomes - do you need speed or storage space?

Is 256GB enough for the Galaxy A52 and A72?

Let’s say you want to go with speed. The onboard storage is significantly faster than any microSD card, so in this case, the 256GB option is the right for you. Furthermore, 256GB is a lot of storage space, so you probably can get away with not having a microSD card at all. The slot is there, so you can always buy one if you actually run out of space.

Do you need a microSD card with the Galaxy A52 and A72?

If you want to go the other route and get the base 128GB variant, you probably would want to add a microSD card right away. Both the Galaxy A52 and A72 can shoot 4K videos and these files can quickly become huge. If you’re trigger happy with your pics and videos, you might find yourself on the limit of the 128GB onboard storage quite soon.

The Galaxy A52 and A72 support microSD cards up to 1TB, but that’s overkill. A nice 512GB A1 microSD card from SanDisk will cost you $69.99 and you probably won’t be able to fill it up during your new phone’s lifecycle.
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