Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 vs Galaxy Note II

Samsung's love affair with big screens may have started with the Note line of phones, but the Mega portfolio is really something else. “Mega” apparently stands for the largest screen you can put in a phone and still call it that, while the Note handsets bet on added functionality like a built-in stylus and unique apps that are making the best use out of it.

We now have the best current representatives of those two big-screen phone families of Samsung – the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 – and are staging a cagematch to determine who's boss...


Note II is not a small handset by any means, but it feels rather compact to handle compared to the giant Mega 6.3. Granted, it is chubbier, and Samsung has done great things with the slim waistline of its largest phone to date, but still when it comes to portability, the Note II wins hands down, and we aren't talking about the negligible weight difference.


Both the Note II and the Mega 6.3 come with displays in 720x1280 HD resolution, but the technologies and pixel densities are rather different. The Note II sports a Super AMOLED HD screen with 265ppi, which has flashy colors and great viewing angles, but is not as bright as the 233ppi LCD panel on the Mega 6.3, which on top of that shows much warmer and natural hues than the Note II.



1. thethird

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2. rizevnarastek

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The Note 2 and Mega aren't even comparable besides their large screens.

3. Jeradiah3

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I agree with that. I couldnt get the Mega 6.3 unless it was considered a high end smartphone.


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I'd like to put that 'HIGH END' into that 'MID RANGE' and call it a day!!

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