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All-angle comparison of the 8MP phones


Time flies, doesn’t it? As if it was yesterday we were looking for a fake ID to buy alcohol and cigarettes. Now there are white hairs on our heads and we have kids and families to take care of. Even the times when there was no digital photography and the personal computers had the size of a small Italian restaurant don’t look that far away and that scares us even more…

Today, the mobile technology develops so fast that if you’ll most likely miss something interesting if you close your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Last winter we tested the 5-megapixel cameraphones and we were wondering when the quality of their images will become identical with the pocket cameras having the same resolution. Then in the summer, Sony Ericsson announced C905 and the bar was raised. Samsung didn’t stay behind and was first to release not one but two models (INNOV8 and Pixon). Then followed LG with Renoir, and SE made its model available after everybody else although with a delay of just a few weeks. This race resulted in four 8-megapixel cameraphones available on the market almost at the end of 2008. But as they say in the commercials “that’s not all!” We have four multifunctional devices, which can satisfy the complicated needs of the modern consumer.

We have to note that this is not a regular comparison, because the phones are quite different from one another; Renoir and Pixon have touch sensitive displays, INNOV8 is a Symbian smartphone, and C905 is a non-smart cameraphone. The one thing they have in common is the camera resolution and the fact that they are the latest hi-tech models of their respective manufacturers. In other words „Get some popcorn and enjoy the clash of the 8-megapixel high-end phones, which you will witness on the next few pages!”

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