Samsung OMNIA Review
This is an unlocked GSM phone which can operate in the
US on AT&T (without 3G) and T-Mobile (without 3G).
Updated on September 02, 2008 due to changes caused by a newer ROM version.


Translated from Latin, the name of Samsung’s new model means “everything” and its main purpose is to fully satisfy the needs of the modern cell phone user. This is a phone with a unique combination of characteristics such as 5-megapixel camera, large touch display and GPS, taking advantage of the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. In addition, this is the first device with a built-in support of not only DivX, but XviD video. The logical question „Can it cook?” comes to mind…

The package includes:

  • Samsung OMNIA
  • Handsfree (including 2 sets of additional ear plugs) and 3.5mm adapter
  • Data cable
  • Charger
  • Stylus
  • Software CD
  • User’s manual


Nowadays, the design is everything. Even a very good product would quickly be forgotten if it doesn’t come in a shiny package. Luckily, OMNIA is well prepared in this aspect. It is one of the most attractive Windows Mobile devices.

You can compare Samsung OMNIA to many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The display is 3.2 inch one, which makes it comparable to the famous iPhone. Unfortunately, resolution wise, it is behind the leaders. We think that WVGA would suit it much better, compared to the 240х400 it has now. Nevertheless, the screen offers good image quality, but we have a few remarks regarding the colors, which have a light yellow hue. It is almost impossible to use it in direct sunlight, which is a big drawback. We have nothing to say about the sensitivity, even though Apple’s baby is still far ahead. Every touch is accompanied by a gentle vibration, no matter if you have activated any function and often, that could mislead you if you have tapped the wrong place. In addition, you have an extremely fashionable stylus at your disposal, which could be easily replaced by any object.

The only objects on the front are two large and relatively easy to press hardware buttons (Send/End keys) and an “optical” mouse, like in Samsung i780. When the virtual cursor is not active, it the mouse has the role of a D-pad and you have to run your finger in the direction desired. Overall, this alternative input method is good, but you'll never feel a need to use it while operating the phone.

The rest of the hardware buttons are on the right side. All of them have a decent size and are easily felt once pressed, which makes them user-friendly. On top of that, they have multiple functions. When held, the button for entering the main menu activates the Task switcher. By using the key for turning the volume up, you can switch on the zoom, no matter which menu you are in. Pressing the camera “trigger” one time leads to the gallery. Even though it is not revolutionary, we have to congratulate Samsung for the realization of the idea. Multifunctionality is the way!

The opposite side houses the strap “hook” for accessories (in our case stylus, but if you are a fan of Snoop Dogg – big purple dice) and the charger connector. To our regret, the last one is not a standard miniUSB, which is more popular since it is used in various electronic devices and could, for example, save you the purchase of a separate cable for the phone and for the camera. On top, we have the small and hard to press power button, accompanied by the one for hardware restart, which is accessible only with a stylus.

On the back, we find the 5-megapixel camera with flash. To get to the microSD slot, you’ll have to remove the battery lid. In contrast to the one we saw in the prototype, which looked like rubber-coated, now, it resembles polished metal. It looks good, but we think that a metal surface would suit the device better.

Despite OMNIA’s beautiful appearance, we don’t think that’s its most attractive asset. For an all-in-one device, the user-friendly interface and the rich multimedia functionality are of more importance.

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1. 8lias unregistered

Oh my...I better say this first before any apple fan boys freak out...this phone is so potentially kills the iPhone...well at least trying to.

15. unregistered

It might. But just having a 5 megapixel can't solely make it a better phone.

16. unregistered

Who said it only had 5mp camera more than a iphone. It can send mm messages, has real GPS (You can install garmin XT or TomTom) record videos do about 20 things more than your fanboy iphone.

24. unregistered

well i cant say u are wrong, after all, i define my iphone and i900 in different catalog, iphone will never beat i900 in term of multifunction, but i900 will never beat iphone in term of interfaces, iphone interface is still the best, its smoothness is still unbeatable, but at the same time, i can do much more with my i900. i keep both XD

2. Web unregistered

Where is this phone availible? I can't find it anywhere! Anywho, it looks bawlin' might get it over the Touch Diamond.

3. unregistered

this is gargabe

4. unregistered

lol, and u are a retard. Probably another applefaboy... sry but this one kills it in every single way. You're just jealous, cuz you know you can't afford it and it\s better than the stupid lolphone

14. unregistered

you're kind of dumb. Whoever that doesn't like the omnia must have an iphone. Wow. I didn't know that. Thanks for filling me in. And he's jealous because he can't afford it? He could be a millionaire for all you know you idiot. It gets on my nerves when people on websites say stupid things like that without even knowing the person. thats like me saying that you think the iphone sucks because you can't afford the high monthly bills. and to me, the only thing that this phone has going for it is the new homescreen (but they said not very customizeable or personalized interface) and 5 megapixels. I don't see anything else that makes it different from other windows mobile phones. *i can't believe you called it "the stupid lolphone. That is by far the stupidest and most childish name I've heard of the iphone. Just stop making yourself look like an idiot and call it crapple or icrap. "the stupid lolphone" is not working too well.*

20. unregistered

I doubt you are a millionaire, they have better things to do than read these blogs, let alone comment on them. I'm sick of the iPhone hype, it is like the Motorola Rzr EVERYONE and their mom has one...not unique anymore - so too will it be with the iPhone, just another piece of junk that everyone has. Makes everyone who has one look like a tool.

5. unregistered

Limited accelerometer use!!!! You can use it anytime in everything!

10. unregistered

this is explained in the review... there no apps/games using the accelerometer and when u use the screen in landscape mode u cant see some icons

11. unregistered

Wow why would you need to use an accelerometer in a game for wouldn't that just be harder?

25. winmo dude unregistered

Have you tried a game in iPhone using accelerometer? It's not that hard, and it's somewhat cool actually... But I'm not going to swap my winmo just for that!!

6. unregistered

Celebrate originality, it's something can't be beat, unless of course there's a new cellphone revolution. This is a good thing, companies compete...consumers win....cheers.

7. unregistered

Who said it has a limited accelerometer use it can be used in any page!, HTC has limited accelerometer use.

8. Court unregistered

Which carrier is will this phone be on? I saw a picture of it using a Tmobile card, but also on a different site stating ATT. Tmobile needs a top selling phone, like this, to compete. I'm guessing probably unlocked, but if I'm wrong please post the carrier.

9. Clone unregistered

Thanks Phonearena, for being the first one to review the OMNIA. Just waiting for the U.S. 3G model to be released.

12. Skypeuser unregistered

Has anyone tried videocalling with this phone? Do you know how that is possible with a service like Skype or Gizmo? BTW, I am in the US

17. unregistered

Video calling is good, I was a review of it on other site. Yes skype works, not sure about gizmo

13. semperfi unregistered

This very hot phone is upcoming from the beginning of August in Germany and whole Europe...The Rest of the World are in September and the following months in `OMNIA`fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It`s totally a `must have`smartdigicamorganizervideoplayerphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Furious6226 unregistered

Well i know one thing...its coming to ATT thats for sure ....and its killing the

19. unregistered

Yes it is coming to ATT however it's going to be crippled to death.

21. unregistered

Hello guys, Who, Who, Who... what's going on here !? Fighting about what phone is better... ah that makes me think of my younger years. Well lets set this to the side (though i liked the part of "icrap" and "crapple", will use that in some of my jokes this year :P) Nice review you did there. Though you keep being negative about this phone...

22. unregistered

Ughhh why did they only include a 240x400 screen. Why not make it 480x800 like the Sony Xperia?

23. Anon unregistered

Comprehensive revew, though as with comment 23, thought it was overly negative in places. Agreed, the screen resolution isn't the best, but of course we're not at HD level just yet so i'm not all that bothered. Have to love that 5 mp camera though, its the only reason i've stuck with my N95 for so long. I hope samsung have sorted out some of the more basic customisable features. Anyone know whether you can change the message tone to a personalised tone, I know you couldn't do this with some previous samsung models. Either which way, I'm going to end up with one at the end of my current contract. This whole thing with the iphone though, man its just the first in a series of phones that are all going to have the same/similar features. Who cares what you buy now, buy whatever takes your fancy and ignore everything else!

26. unregistered

Hi my Omnia arrived last week and I love the features, however I have a few problems. Could anyone tell me if I can create a group to send SMS messages to on a large scale basis? On my last Nokia this was very simple. Cheers all

27. unregistered

Is the CPU model really Marvell PXA312? But why can't I find it in the Marvell website? The nearest I can find is PXA320.

28. unregistered

cant wait for it to be released on Verizon, since this is another phone better than an I phone.

29. unregistered

so can anybody tell me the disadvantges if there are any? because i'm looking forward to buy.

30. unregistered

samsung omnia (i900) so i bought this phone a month ago. it arrived from hong kong very rapidly. i read through the instructions, and installed a couple of apps online. i found that a lot of the windows mobile apps did not work with this phone the blue tooth is appalling in comparison to other samsung devices like the yp-p2 and yp-s5, with the signal losing strength very easily, and cutting out a lot. the phone oftens hangs once a day, and i have found that i have needed to remove the battery and switch it back on to use it again. which isn't helped by the very long start up time. i'm not surprised by the lengthy start up time, but could do without it on a phone. as with all samsung products, they do not provide software for use on a mac, which is troublesome having to find a windows machine to transfer data, sync the phone, or make any kind of back-up. i have found the text input works well, but for me the only viable option of the 9 available is the samsung phonepad, meaning i'm no better off than using a traditional phone. but this works much better than an my dads iphone which i've played around with a bit. the battery life is poor. i found i could completely run down a fully charged battery in 3 hours with wifi turned on. with 3g on it would be dead in under a day. otherwise the battery life is great when used as a plain phone. the camera looks great when it works, which i have found to be infrequently. §1the normal response when trying to start the camera is a box saying that the program can not be run to to a lack of video memory. even after closing all running programs this is not remedied. the screen looks great, and the accellorometer works great, and i have no problems with the 1-3seconds it takes to rotate. the problem is with video playback. not only does the phone not play back .svi (samsung video) but when the device plays a movie it tends to be quite laggy and unpleasant. i haven't tried using the phone with the headphone jack, so can't judge the audio. network strength is fine. i find the phone book great although the touch and drag scrolling can be annoying. when you touch to drag, sometimes this doesn't scroll but opens the contact. the menu system is great, simple, but the touch drag through programs proves problematic like with the phonebook. adding further widgets does not work. so i couldn't add any weather widgets like with the htc phones. opera browser is lovely to use, and should be available on all phones. it works in every way that could be expected, and i found it much better than safari on mobile. copying and pasting is a big point that windows mobile has over apple mobile. the phone looks cool, and i have kept it in a sock so have no scratches or finger prints which keeps it looking wow. my bottom line is that i think the phone is wonderful but windows is slow and prone to crashing so i am selling the phone. having played with an iphone this last week, and trying the nokia n96, htc touch diamond and black berry bold, i am most impressed by the black berry bold, and keeping a separate device for media playing. the htc dream is out this week, and new blackberry thunder (touch screen) so for now i choose my samsun d900i.
  • Display 3.2" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 16 GB
  • Battery 1440 mAh(5.80h talk time)

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