5-megapixel GSM Cameraphone Comparison Q4 2007

5-megapixel GSM Cameraphone Comparison Q4 2007
Do you have a pocket digital camera? You may not need one if you have any of the top cameraphones on the market, advertised by their 5-megapixel resolution, advanced features, branded lenses and Xenon flashes. Or at least this is what the phone manufacturers claim…
We’ve collected the 5-megapixel phones that are available on the market and have taken a large set of photos, to see how they perform. In this test you will be able to see images taken outdoors during the day or the night and indoors, to see the flash performance. Additionally there is also an indoor test for the “macro”, or close-up photos with the flash on or off.

In our comparison, we have total of six (6) phones with five megapixel resolution, from all major manufacturers but Motorola, who don’t have phone in that class:

Nokia N82 (Review)
Nokia N95 8GB (Review)
Sony Ericsson K850 (Review)
Samsung G800 (Review)
Samsung G600 (Review)
LG Viewty (Preview)
• And we’ve also added the pocket 6-megapixel camera Canon SD630 for reference.

In each of the test situations we will rate the phones and based on their results position obtain the Overall result. Keep in mind, this means that for the test, each situation is equivalently important, but for most of you it will not be so. Decide for yourself which phone you like most, and use our images just to base your opinion on them.

The best phone in each situation is based on the overall quality of the images in it. We do not rate just one or two images, but each one.

We tried to use the camera’s Automatic settings whenever possible, but for night images we did use the Night modes. In each category we have placed a 100% crop image at the top of the page, which clearly the camera’s differences, both in term of color representation and detail. It helps you to easily compare the performance, seeing the same object reproduced by different devices side-by-side. We then show all cameraphones images at full resolution, followed by a ranking of 1st to 6th place.



1. N95 8GB unregistered

it is a very good comparison.but N95 8GB IS THE BEST.

2. Timothy unregistered

i agree, i hope at&t picks up this phone, would be a great additon to our line up www.myspace.com/att_mobility_solutions

3. dragon unregistered

How is the N95 the best when during the day the N95 and N82 are equal, and at night, the N82 thumps the N95, Hmmm?

4. k850i unregistered

the K850i (in this test) have the old driver 2.9 but the latest is 3.4 i don't if this is important saving time depends on the memory card( my k850i takes 3-4 sec) in my k850i the foucsing takes 1 sec in good light but in poor light the same time as in the table

5. vctrdnl unregistered

this is the NOKIA N82 - the new imaging king

6. Cruz unregistered

The N95-3 is better than the N95 8 gb tested here.

7. kim unregistered

u can use the 100% crop to c which camera phone is better in each situation, then u'll find that the site's opinion is not honest. compare it to the cannon camera and u'll c thet the n82 is not the best after all

8. M unregistered

I think my post is deleted.anyways i'm going to say it again.if you had taken the video clips quality to consideration LG viewty would in the 3rd place tops.it has the best quality among all these 5MP phones.

9. rabbit unregistered

yea...mine k850i takes 3secs to save...tsk tsk tsk

10. Yow unregistered

There is no question about thequality of the images from N82 to all these other phones. Not to mention the Assist GPS, literally takes only 5 secs to lock. Duno why those SE Fans still argue when the winner is so clear...

11. M unregistered

ok.i agree that N82 is the winner but are you sure about the other phones?(i mean the order) 1.N82 2.? 3.? 4.? 5.? 6.?

12. M unregistered

oh and i almost forgot. what about the video clip quality yow?have you seen the samples?

13. Alessandro unregistered

N82-winner, yes, but G600(the cheapest one) beat photografical G800 and K850 CYBERSHOT!!!!!!

14. unregistered

I got the N82 one week after it was released and the N95 is not better than the N82.There is not one spec that is better on the N95, except 8GB memory, although it is internal, the N82 has no limit of expandable memory. It also has a xenon flas and N82 is much smaller, N95 too bulky.

15. Eldar unregistered

K850i is the winner here.

16. agree with you unregistered

I agree with the convenience of meshing camera w/ phone. but I have radiation concerns and it be better if I could i use the camera half and power off the phone half to stop it from emitting when I just using the camera. But none of these models have separate power buttons for camera and phone, so i will have to look at a simpler solution: buy a camera-less phone and a decent point-and-shoot. Not only will this alleviate my radiation concerns but alos give me much better camera in terms of picture quality and workflow.

30. unregistered

but radiation is everywhere, turn on the tv its there, the microwave, the radiowaves, the satelites pounding down their "radiation" so we can have satelite tv, being in front of the monitor, just living in the 21st century. only way to avoid it is to live int he countryside in a concrete bunker lined with lead.

17. DXDXDXD unregistered


18. Mmhmm unregistered

A shame there was no test for video, the Viewty probably wouldve won that for sure. As well as features.

19. DON unregistered

N82 is the sole ultimate leader

20. Tor Slettnes unregistered

To the unnamed person who posted on January 13: That is not quite accurate; the N82 has a smaller screen than the N95, no infrared transceiver, and no dedicated music keys. Also, there is no version of the N82 available for U.S. 3G bands (either 850/1900 or 1700 MHz). It does have a better camera through (mostly because of the Xenon), and the GPS receiver is placed in a better place (at the top of the phone, instead of under the "0" key) for a quicker fix. Yep, the N95 has slightly more girth, but the N82 is significantly taller (2.4" vs. 1.9"). To each their own. To argue about which phone is "better" is kindof pointless - we all have different priorities. Heck, for some, even the iPhone may be the "best" there is: Despite dismal bluetooth, no cut/paste/search, no 3rd party app platform yet (not even J2ME), no official unlocking mechanism, dismal camera w/o video, no 3G, no GPS (even ability to use external Bluetooth GPS), etc - it does have perhaps the nicest user interface available, a very good form factor, and some software things not even found in Symbian S60 - such as a built-in stopwatch. Personally, I cannot wait to see if the rumored Sony Ericsson P5i is real or not...

21. Bad Russian Boy unregistered

This test seems to be incomplete: no human face tests, no nature landscapes, sun and sunless weather, etc

22. Dash unregistered

I have a n82, is the best, the video quality is great, much beter than the others, and the xenon flash is very very good, absolutely is the winner

25. Will.i.am unregistered

Sorry Dash,but The LG Viewty has the best video quality, that's for sure. Just look at the recorded videos... But the N82 is the best for picture,i agree that!

23. K800 unregistered

i now using SE K800 at first wish to buy viewty beacause excellent video recording . however the the camera n xenon flash is too good so finally i decided to buy N82 due to the camera(nice) , Video (quite good ) XEnon (strong) .

24. neto unregistered

I agree G600 is the one of the best and has good price for your pocket I got one. there is no doubt, the winner is n82, it is most complete, but LG Viewty, has the best video by far.

26. kai unregistered

just as the editor said, during daylight, the g600 is the best , pretty close to sd630. n95 and n82 have more noise reduction compare to g600, which not so perfect. but duting night, the n82 definetly is the best

27. kamakari unregistered

how come at gsmarena they have better pics taken of g800? most pic of g8 here is somewhat blurred! why?

28. kai unregistered

yeah not only g600, almost every night photo here are blurred. i don't know understand. how can they post blurred night photo here as a comparision...you must fix the phone on some neat place in order to take all clear night photo.

29. Ritesh Pardeshi unregistered

Its was an awesome review....looking forward to see such review for 8mp mobile phones.....i am sad as Lg viewt was poor at performance......but somebody tells me that despite of having Xenon Flash why does it showed poor performance......i need to know that whether N95 is available in 1 or 2 GB , if yes then what is the current price of it...also priceof Lg viewt.....

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