Pixel Tablet 2 release date predictions, price, specs, and expected upgrades

When Google announced its return to the tablet game in 2022, everyone got really excited. Then the Pixel Tablet launched a year later and somewhat chilled that enthusiasm.

People wanted a top-spec device to go against the iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab Ultra. But they kind of missed the point of the Pixel Tablet. It was never meant to be a powerhouse. Google tried to make something that you would actually use on a daily basis. And we think the company succeeded in doing just that.

While most tablets gather dust most of the time, the Pixel Tablet proudly stands on its dock, serving humanity 24/7. So, what about a successor? Do we want to see a Pixel Tablet 2? Today we will focus on everything we know and also want to get from a possible Pixel Tablet 2 release.

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Pixel Tablet 2 release date

Expected timeline:
  • Pixel Tablet 2 announcement: August 13, 2024
  • Pixel Tablet 2 pre-orders start: August 13, 2024

Google started sending personal invites to select influencers and media for the next Made by Google event, which will be held on August 13. According to industry insiders, MKBHD included, the next Pixel Tablet 2 will be among the new devices, unveiled at the event.

* - probable dates

Pixel Tablet 2 price

Expected starting prices:
Pixel Tablet 2 (128GB): $499*
Pixel Tablet 2 (256GB): $599*

The base 128GB version of the first Pixel Tablet retailed for $499, with another $100 on top of that for the 256GB model. The package included a Pixel Dock ($129 sold separately), and when you factor in all the deals and promotions, the device was a good bang for your buck.

There's a good chance for the Pixel Tablet 2 to mimic that price scheme, with the base 128GB model again starting at $499. However, if we see substantial upgrades to the hardware, there might be a slight bump in price.

The table below shows the pricing of the original Pixel Tablet next to what we expect for the Pixel Tablet 2.

* - anticipated prices

Pixel Tablet 2 name

There is no room for speculation here. If Google decides to launch a successor to the Pixel Tablet, it would most likely be called the Pixel Tablet 2. The company is keen to sticking with the Pixel brand for these devices, so no reason to expect anything different on that front.

We have some information on the codename of the device, though. The latest Android QPR3 Beta 1 contains two new codenames, most likely related to the Pixel Tablet 2. The codenames in question are "Clementine" and "Kiyomi." How do we know they refer to the Pixel Tablet 2? Well, the first pixel tablet was codenamed Tangor, a citrus fruit hybrid, and Clementine and Kiyomi are subspecies of Tangor. Not that knowing the codenames gives us any other information, other that Google is preparing the Pixel Table 2.

Pixel Tablet 2 camera

Expected specs:
  • 8MP front camera
  • 16MP back camera

The first Pixel Tablet sports an 8MP camera on the back, and another one has the same pixel count on the front. It's nothing to write home about, and it's normal—Google doesn't expect you to take the Pixel Tablet on a photography quest.

That being said, there's room for improvement with the Pixel Tablet 2. We could see a higher pixel count for the back camera and other hardware improvements, such as stabilization, but don't hold your breath. As we stated above, the Pixel Tablet is not meant to be a camera tablet (if there's such a thing).

Pixel Tablet 2 storage

As far as storage is concerned, there's room for improvement in that area too, but it depends on how Google wants to handle this, and whether or not the company will try to compete with other, higher specs, tablets. For all intents and purposes, 256GB was more than enough on the original Pixel Tablet, given you're not expected to record high-res videos or take a lot of pictures (no hardware to actually support that, as well).

Now, with that being said, maybe Google will try and offer a 512GB model, catering to people who like to keep their content offline. Maybe download movies, tutorials or other large content on the tablet. It's not very likely, after all, Google wants to sell cloud storage subscriptions as well, but it's a possibility.

Pixel Tablet 2 storage capacity:
  • 128 GB
  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB*

Pixel Tablet 2 design

The design of the first Pixel Tablet is unmistakably Google. It's an 11-inch tablet with substantial bezels and a conventional 16:10 aspect ratio (a little taller and narrower than an iPad but nothing too different). What's different and interesting is the material used, namely the textured nano-ceramic layer on the back. It feels really strange, and we dare to say unique.

Now, the Pixel Tablet 2 will most likely keep that nano-coated back and the overall form factor. We don't expect huge changes on that front. Google might play with the colors, the original tablet launched in three color options: Porcelain, Hazel, and Rose. Unfortunately, there are no rumors at this point, so we can't image what these new colors would be.

One thing is certain, Google will probably keep the size, aspect ratio, and materials, so don't expect anything radical when it comes to the Pixel Tablet 2 design.

Pixel Tablet 2 display

Switch to OLED not likely
  • 90Hz refresh rate*

The original Pixel Tablet sports an 11-inch LCD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and a pixel density of around 276. Now, this sounds a bit dull on paper, and you can see some backlight bleeding, especially in low lighting conditions, but it's not that bad. Google kept the price fairly low, and one of the tradeoffs was the LCD technology, as OLED displays, especially at this size, are quite expensive.

On the other hand, the screen of the Pixel Tablet is color-accurate and bright, and the color temperature is excellent. Do we expect the Pixel Tablet 2 to switch to an OLED screen? No, we don't. If Google wants to keep the price of the original model intact, there's no way to slap an 11-inch OLED panel and charge $499. 

We might see a bump in brightness, which would mean a different backlight altogether. The first Pixel Tablet scored a tad over 500 nits in our brightness test, and this might seem low compared to the 1000+ nits that smartphones score, but it's a different thing when the screen is that big and the subjectively perceived brightness is more than good.

When it comes to refresh rate, the original Pixel Tablet comes with a 60Hz refresh rate screen, and give how the industry evolves, it's pretty plausible to see a higher refresh rate on the Pixel Tablet 2. Google is offering 90Hz on its midrange phones now, so it's a logical step to bump up the refresh rate on the Pixel Tablet 2.

Pixel Tablet 2 battery

Battery upgrade needed

The first Pixel Tablet sports a 7,020 mAh battery, which is rather small considering the 11-inch form factor. In comparison, the iPad 10th Gen comes with 8,800 mAh, and other similarly-sized tablets also push the 10,000 mAh mark.

So, we don't know what the capacity of the battery inside the Pixel Tablet 2 will be, but our wish is to get a substantial upgrade. We have 6.8-inch phones with 6,000mAh batteries now, and the battery life of the first Pixel Tablet is just not on par with the competition.

The charging situation could also benefit from an upgrade. The original Pixel Tablet charges through the 4-pin connector on the back with a maximum power of 15W.

That's pretty slow, and yeah, one can argue that the tablet sits on its dock most of the time and charging times are irrelevant, but if you want to use this tablet, well, as a tablet and not a smart home display, a faster charging solution is needed. We hope Google bumps up the charging speeds of the Pixel Tablet 2.

Pixel Tablet 2 features and software

Android 14 with 7 years of software updates

The Pixel Tablet launched with a clean Android 13 onboard, which is to be expected as it's a Google device. The big difference could come in the form of longer support. As you all know by now, Google surprised the industry by offering seven whole years of major OS updates for its Pixel phones, so we might see similar treatment for the Pixel Tablet 2.

In terms of productivity, we don't expect anything groundbreaking, just the usual stuff that's already baked in Android 14. The Pixel Tablet 2 will most likely launch with Android 14 out of the box, but it might get Android 15 if the launch is postponed for whatever reason.

Pixel Tablet 2 hardware and specs

Google has used its own silicon since the launch of the Pixel 6, and the original Pixel Tablet had a Tensor G2 chipset inside. Even though it's not a powerhouse, there's more than enough juice for everyday tasks.

We expect the Pixel Tablet 2 to get the next-gen chipset, the Tensor G3. We're familiar with the silicon from the Pixel 8 series, and it's an improvement compared to its predecessors but still way off the competition. We would be very happy to see a Snapdragon version of the Pixel Tablet, but sadly, it won't happen.

The first Pixel Tablet comes with 8GB of RAM, not the fastest one out there (LPDDR5), and 128GB of UFS3.1 base storage. There's still room for improvement, and we might see LPDDR5X RAM on the Pixel Tablet 2, along with UFS4.0 storage, but we don't expect a bump in capacity when it comes to RAM.

Should I wait for the Pixel Tablet 2?

  • You should wait for the Pixel Tablet 2 if you liked the original Pixel Tablet but want more in terms of specs and most importantly, software support. Even though we don't expect huge leap in performance, the Pixel Tablet 2 might come with key upgrades to offer a much better overall package.

  • You should not wait for the Pixel Tablet 2 if you want a powerhouse tablet to do it all. You will be better off with an iPad Pro or a Galaxy Tab Ultra in this case. Granted, you will have to pay extra, but the Pixel Tablet 2 can only get you to midrange tablet territory.

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