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ZTE Axon 9 (Pro) could be unveiled at IFA as company comes back from the dead

ZTE Axon 9 (Pro) could be unveiled at IFA as company comes back from the dead
Long before the company’s US trouble began, ZTE made the risky call to skip a presumably conventional Axon 8 flagship phone and instead focus its resources on a decidedly experimental Axon M. The gamble didn’t exactly pay off, as the foldable dual-screen device failed to connect with a mainstream US audience, also receiving dreadful reviews.

As such, we always expected a “standard” ZTE Axon 9 to follow the quirky Axon M sooner or later, but for obvious reasons, the company’s plans could be in flux as various courses of action are explored in search for a return to profitability.

Fresh evidence, namely RMA data and HTML5Test info, suggests the Axon 9 and 9 Pro are still very much on the table, as ZTE might be looking to get back on that horse as early as this month. After trademarking those two names several months ago, the company appears to be setting the stage for A2019 Pro and A2019G Pro announcements soon.


The “G” in the latter model number most likely stands for global, which means there are different ZTE Axon 9 Pro versions in the pipeline for China and “international” markets. The Axon 7 was also known as A2017 on the inside, so there’s a pretty clear family connection here and a strong possibility Axon 9 (Pro) is indeed the official name.

Because we don’t believe in coincidences, we agree with “master of cheap scoops” Roland Quandt that the Axon 9 and/or Axon 9 Pro is likely to be unveiled at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany in a few weeks. Unfortunately, your guess is as good as ours in terms of specifications.

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