Material from a gecko's foot might help you view videos more comfortably on your phone

Material from a gecko's foot might help you view videos more comfortably on your phone
Shark Tank is a television show like no other. A panel comprised of wealthy entrepreneurs listens as a wanna-be entrepreneur pitches his business idea to them with hat in hand. In return for an investment in a new or improved product, the Shark receives a percentage of the business being pitched. We've seen companies like wireless charging pad manufacturer Aira successful obtain some funding on the show.

This past week, another phone related new product dove into the Shark Tank. Flipstik can work as a kickstand giving your handset the ability to be propped up on a desk making it more comfortable to view videos in landscape (especially with your hands free). And Flipstik also uses a patented technology called synthetic setae that will allow your phone to stick on flat surfaces made of wood, glass, metal and leather.

What makes this so interesting is that Setae are elastic hairs found on the five-toed foot of a gecko. The end of these hairs are called spatulae because of their resemblance to spatula. The material is waterproof and if it gets dirty, it can be cleaned with soap and water. When it dries, the Flkipstik is once again sticky and ready to support your phone.  

 The entrepreneur behind Flipstik, Akeem Shannon, ended up making a deal with Lori Greiner who invested $100,000 in the company in return for 25% of the firm. Which means that some time in the near future you might be relying on a gecko's foot when you're ready to start binge watching another television series on your handset.

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