Yahoo News gets smarter with AI-powered makeover

Yahoo News gets smarter with AI-powered makeover
Image credit — Yahoo

Yahoo News has recently unveiled a significant update to its news app, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience. This revamp comes after Yahoo's acquisition of Artifact, an AI-powered news app founded by Instagram's co-founders. With this update, Yahoo aims to streamline news consumption for its massive user base of over 180 million monthly visitors in the US.

The most notable feature of the updated app is its personalized news feed. Users can select topics and publishers of interest, allowing the AI algorithms to tailor the feed accordingly. Additionally, a "Key Takeaways" feature provides a concise summary of an article's main points, saving users time by offering a quick overview. This is akin to Artifact's "Summarize" feature, highlighting the integration of Artifact's technology into Yahoo News.

The new Yahoo News app | Image credit — Yahoo

Customization options go beyond topic selection. Users can block specific keywords or publishers they wish to avoid, further refining their news consumption experience. A particularly intriguing feature is the app's ability to identify clickbait headlines. The AI can rewrite misleading, sensationalized, or incomplete headlines to provide more accurate and informative summaries.

Yahoo's AI-powered enhancements extend beyond the app itself. The company is also revamping its homepage layout, emphasizing top news, personalized recommendations, and real-time trending topics. This updated interface is designed to evolve and adapt over time, promising an ever-improving user experience. Yahoo plans to introduce new AI-powered features gradually, allowing users to opt in and explore these changes as they become available.

The AI-powered update to the Yahoo News app represents a significant step in personalizing news consumption. By leveraging AI algorithms and user preferences, Yahoo aims to deliver a more relevant and engaging news experience. While currently available for mobile users in the US, the update is expected to roll out on desktop platforms soon, further expanding its reach.

It's worth noting that this integration of AI into news delivery raises questions about the potential for algorithmic bias and the need for transparency in how news is selected and presented. As AI plays an increasingly prominent role in shaping our information landscape, these are important considerations for both news providers and consumers. You can download the new Yahoo News app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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