Poll: Foldable phones - hot or not?

Poll: Foldable phones - hot or not?
Okay, guys! Time for the big one - foldable phones! Like it or not, they’re here and they’re here to stay, judging by the enthusiasm with which the big players are pumping out these bendy things.

A couple of years ago, foldable phones were just a curiosity, and not a very well executed one, at that. Then everyone got really excited about being able to fold their tablets or make their Galaxy S flagship more square and as a result things took off like a SpaceX rocket (or a crypto currency).

All jokes aside, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to some degree, brought the foldable tech to the masses with prices starting to undermine even regular un-bendy flagship models.

We have two polls for you today. The first one aims to probe (what a wonderful word) your general opinion toward foldable phones, while the second one goes into much more detail. Tell us what you think about these bendy contraptions? Hot or not? (Don't let the title image sway your opinion!)

Foldable phones - hot or not?

Definitely hot!
Nah, I'll pass
I like rollable design better
Don't care
Other (in the comments)

And taking things a tad further - tell us which foldable phone are you most excited about. I’ll inject my personal opinion here (I do vote in all the polls, by the way). The first two generations of foldable phones got me pretty skeptical about the tech.

From the nasty screen coatings, to the ugly hinges and creases. But the last gen is pretty darn good, makes me change my mind. I’m really excited about what Apple would do with the foldable thing, and I’m not an Apple fan, not at all.

Which foldable phone are you most excited about?

Foldable Apple iPhone
Google Pixel Fold
Galaxy Z Flip 4
Galaxy Z Fold 4
Motorola Razr 3
Microsoft Surface Duo 3
Xiaomi Mix Fold 2
Oppo Find N
Honor Magic V
Other (in the comments)

So, your move - vote in the polls, and tell us if we’ve missed something (crazy Chinese foldable phones from unknown brands still count!) Finally, to be honest, I prefer another concept of making your screen bigger, and it’s the rollable idea. Much cleaner and no crease.

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