Visible resolves the issue preventing Pixel 7 users to use eSIM

Visible resolves the issue preventing Pixel 7 users to use eSIM
If you are one of the Visible customers who tried to activate an eSIM on their brand-new Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro, but failed to do so due to a problem with the Visible app, you will be happy to learn that the carrier and has fixed the issue (via 9to5Google).

Recently, some Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users noticed that they couldn't switch successfully to eSIM using the Visible app, despite the fact that Google's new phones support eSIM. When they entered the IMEI of their Pixel 7 phone, the Visible app returned a message that the phone wasn't compatible.

So, users that already used eSIM on their previous phones had to either wait until the issue gets resolved or order a physical SIM for their Pixel 7. The problem is that when you place an order for a new SIM, the eSIM on the old device gets deactivated, basically leaving customers without service until the physical card arrives.

Visible issued a statement expressing regret over the entire carfuffle. The carrier also stated that it invests heavily in eSIM and works hard to ensure its customers receive a seamless experience with the technology.

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