Verizon is slowly but steadily improving its deals and perks for both new and existing customers

The conditions of the deal/s may have changed since the initial publishing of this post.
Verizon is slowly but steadily improving its deals and perks for both new and existing customers
While T-Mobile is busy making its subscribers angry with price hike after price hike, as well as the subscribers of rival carriers and even certain operators with various moves and business deals seen as anti-competitive, Verizon appears to be on a different kind of streak.

Without making as much marketing noise as the "Un-carrier" did when it held the crown for the best deals in the US wireless industry, Big Red is essentially unveiling a killer new promotion once every few weeks or so nowadays, offering free gaming consoles, phones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, and cool streaming perks to pretty much anyone who's willing to meet a couple of requirements.

The latest such deal amazingly comes with virtually no special conditions, slashing the monthly price of YouTube Premium from $13.99 to just 10 bucks. That's obviously not an earth-shattering discount, but it can add up to a handsome sum of money in the long run, and once again, you don't have to jump through any hoops whatsoever to get it.

All you need to do is, well, claim your latest streaming benefit starting tomorrow, May 30, on an Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Ultimate plan. This YouTube Premium discount joins an already robust list of perks included with Verizon's costliest plans, which currently rivals the value delivered by T-Mobile at similar prices.

And Big Red is looking to add another great benefit to its top-of-the-line Unlimited Ultimate plan with the Ultimate Phone Upgrade program. This essentially guarantees you'll get the carrier's very "best phone and device promos when upgrading" even if you're an existing customer.

That sounds like another move taken straight from T-Mobile's old "Un-carrier" playbook, and even though the new program's terms and conditions are not entirely clear at the moment, it's pretty obvious that Verizon is stepping up its discount game while the competition is... most certainly not.

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Last but not necessarily least, Verizon is today also announcing Peacock's impending addition to the +play content hub where you can neatly organize all your subscriptions and score frequent discounts on the most popular streaming services in the world. There are no words on any actual Peacock launch deals, but you can probably expect some savings further down the line.

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