Verizon Galaxy S22 Ultra pricing tipped by a rep along with first-hand impressions

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Verizon Galaxy S22 Ultra pricing tipped by a rep along with first-hand impressions
A Reddit user who claims to be a Verizon sales rep in possession of the Galaxy S22 Ultra has tried to fill in the last unknowns about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S22 series flagship that haven't yet been shared by leakers and rumors.

The 512GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can be had for just $299.99

With $1000 off for an S21 Ultra trade-in and a free 512GB storage upgrade, the S22 Ultra can be had for up to $1100 off.
$299 99
$1399 99

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is now $800 off

Grab a free 256GB storage upgrade to add to the enhanced $700 trade-in credit.
$249 99
$1049 99

The 256GB Samsung Galaxy S22 can be had for a $100 instead of $849

The Galaxy S22's storage upgrade to 256GB is now free, plus you can get up to $700 off with a trade-in.
$849 99

Save $825 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The 128GB Tab S8 Ultra enjoys $675 enhanced trade-in credit, plus free Galaxy Buds Pro earphones with a purchase.
$424 99
$1099 99

Verizon Galaxy S22 Ultra pricing

  • $1199.99 - S22 Ultra 8GB/128GB
  • $1399.99 - S22 Ultra 12GB/256GB
  • $1449.99 - S22 Ultra 12GB/512GB ($40.27/month)

First off, the iSmokeGSCookies OP thinks that the price for the base 8GB/128GB version of the S22 Ultra will start from $1200 again, despite the inclusion of a built-in S Pen stylus, the new design and the camera, display, and processing power specs upgrades. 

Verizon will also be getting a 12GB/256GB and 12GB/512GB models that will cost $1300 and $1450, respectively. Since they will now all go on Verizon's newfangled 36-month payment plans, you will be able to get top 512GB model for about $40.27 a month. Unfortunately, there is no word on a 16GB/512GB model that the S21 Ultra has so it either won't exist or Verizon won't be getting it.

Verizon's BOGO offer on the Galaxy S22+ leaked not long ago, however, so if the $1000 discount can be applied to the S22 Ultra as well, you will be able to get two of its base puppies for just $19.44 a month each on the same 36-month payment plan. Needless to say, you'd need a plan to do this, and it will have to be a 5G unlimited plan to qualify.

Verizon Galaxy S22 Ultra specs and hands-on impressions

The OP goes on to say that the Galaxy S22 Ultra feels more like the Note 20 Ultra in the hand, rather than a true S21 Ultra successor. The phone handles well, they advise, but is a bit wider and boxier than its predecessor, just as we've heard leaked numerous times before. The rear differs the most from the S21 Ultra aesthetics as all the camera lenses protrude only slightly from the surface that seems much flatter now.

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The display is only so slightly curved and there is no charger in the box, as expected, but the S22 Ultra will support Samsung's fastest 45W charger available out there that you will have to buy extra, however. There were numerous questions about the colors, and the OP doesn't know what exactly Galaxy S22 Ultra colors will Verizon get, as they were only given the black model, but they did note that finish of the black model is matter not glossy, so no fingerprint magnet, at least for the darker option. We already know from numerous leaks that the S22 Ultra will be available in Black, White, Burgundy, and Green hues, though.

Thankfully, a 5000mAh battery capacity is there which is a relief given that the OP confirms the rumors about smaller batteries in the Galaxy S22 and S22+ models compared to their predecessors from last year. We just hope the S22 Ultra is not too wide as it will now have to accommodate both the 5000mAh pack and the S Pen stylus silo - a problem that the S21 Ultra doesn't have. 

As far as other piecemeal details about the phone, apparently the S22 Ultra has a new auto-dimming display feature in Quick Settings which may or may not have something to do with the leaked record 1750 nits of peak brightness that has been bandied about in leaked tests and marketing materials for a good while now. For comparison, the S21 Ultra peaks out at 1500 nits. 

Granted, these are only levels the display can achieve showing full-powered white at a restricted section of the panel, but nevertheless the number does indicate that we will have a next-gen Dynamic AMOLED display on the S22 Ultra. Last but not least, the OP tipped the expected Galaxy S22 Ultra release date on Verizon to be February 25, or just as rumored.

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