Verizon is essentially taking a page from T-Mobile's old playbook with hot new 5G promo

Verizon is essentially taking a page from T-Mobile's old playbook with hot new 5G promo
While laying out a pretty ambitious 5G network expansion and upgrading plan that nonetheless left T-Mobile largely unimpressed, Verizon unveiled a few weeks ago how many Ultra Wideband-compatible smartphones it has managed to sell so far.

Because 10 million is not a mind-blowing number, matching Magenta's recent 5G subscribers count, Big Red is launching a very interesting new promotion that sounds a lot like something the "Un-carrier" of yesteryear would offer in an attempt to further close the gap to the leader of the US wireless industry.

Verizon is "breaking the rules"... for a change

Starting April 1 (no joke), you will be able to shave up to $1,000 (!!!) off the list prices of Verizon's "best 5G phones" by trading in a broken device of your choice. The nation-leading mobile network operator will take pretty much anything, ranging from handsets featuring all kinds of screen damage to smartphones that can't even turn on as a consequence of water immersion incidents.

We're talking cracked, shattered, and "otherwise discarded" devices, which the carrier will basically treat as mint-condition phones for the purposes of this hot new trade-in offer. Of course, you won't be able to offload just anything and score the maximum aforementioned value, with a broken iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, for instance, qualifying for a $350 discount on a new 5G-enabled handset, according to Cnet.

Meanwhile, the typically trustworthy publication claims an age-old Samsung Galaxy S7 will net you $400 in bill credits regardless of how badly damaged it might be. On top of that, Verizon plans to keep its current port-in deal alive, giving you an extra $200 or $300 e-gift card for Android devices and iPhones respectively if you're also willing to bring an existing number from a different carrier over to Big Red.

Obviously, you'll have to be a new subscriber to combine these awesome deals and save a small fortune without jumping through too many hoops or meeting a lot of special requirements. Said conditions do include opting for a "select" Unlimited plan, and by applying your discount to your account as promo credits over a period of 24 months, Verizon is essentially making sure you'll stick around at least that long.

Everyone can get in on the fun

While Verizon is also showing existing customers a little bit of love, those trade-in discounts are not exactly spectacular, ranging from $100 for an iPhone 6s or 7 to $400 for the likes of Apple's iPhone 8 and X, as well as Samsung's Galaxy S8, S9, and S10. Since we're still talking about busted devices here (and not very new ones either), it's hard to argue with Big Red's generosity.

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Unlike Samsung, for instance, which offers hefty discounts of its own on its latest high-end smartphones with a damaged trade-in, the carrier seems to exhibit the same degree of generosity no matter what 5G handset you're interested in buying. That includes hot new Galaxy S21-series and iPhone 12 flagships, but most likely, mid-range models from a number of different brands as well.

The full details will be published on Verizon's official website tomorrow, and the actual deals will be available both online and in physical stores across the nation for an unspecified "limited time." According to Cnet, one important exclusion you should take into consideration before trying to claim a huge discount by trading in a broken phone concerns battery damage. 

In a nutshell, Verizon is drawing the line at that type of damage, so don't even think of sending in some raggedy old device with a swollen battery.

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