T-Mobile about to activate eSIM feature for the 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series in the states

T-Mobile about to activate eSIM feature for the 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series in the states
In the U.S., only recent Apple iPhone models and Google Pixel units allow users to connect to their carriers' networks using eSIM technology. This means that instead of using the old fashioned physical SIM card that is inserted into the proper slot on a handset, a digital chip mounted on the handset's motherboard is activated by the user's carrier. One advantage to using an eSIM is that a device can be made physically smaller since the SIM tray can be designed out of the device.

While some of Samsung's recent phones in the states do have eSIM technology built in, no U.S. carriers have supported it-until now. T-Mobile, the nation's second largest carrier, is now the first U.S. carrier to support eSIM on Samsung devices. According to AndroidPolice, eSIM support is coming to 2020's Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra via an upcoming update.

While there is no definitive word about whether eSIM support will come to the Galaxy S21 line, it would make sense to expect eSIM functionality to be available for this year's first flagship series. Besides allowing the eSIM feature to be activated, the update will also exterminate some bugs and add security improvements. Once the update has been completed, an eSIM Card Manager will be added to the OneUI settings menu to help users switch networks.

Speaking of switching networks, let's say that you want to swap from Big Red to Team Magenta while on the go. Instead of scrambling to obtain a new Team Magenta SIM card, with eSIM all you have to do is tap some buttons on your phone to switch carriers. It can't be any easier than that.

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