Check out this official video showing off some cool Apple Intelligence features

Check out this official video showing off some cool Apple Intelligence features
Apple Intelligence was introduced by Apple yesterday during the WWDC Keynote; if you have an iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, or plan on purchasing any of the iPhone 16 series models later this year, congratulations! You'll be able to take advantage of the new AI-based features in iOS 18 that really do take the iPhone to another level of capabilities. To learn more, you really should view the official "Apple Intelligence in 5 Minutes" video that we've included with this article.

Apple Intelligence will be found on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So if you're writing an email, you can, with a tap, change the tone of your letter to make it sound more professional, friendly, or concise. And you can even have Apple Intelligence proofread your email examining it for grammar and more. You can even create a TL;DR that features the key points of your letter. Apple Intelligence also uses a feature called Priority Notifications which uses AI to put your most important personal notifications on top of the stack.

Genmoji is the new emoji creation engine that creates an emoji based on what you're looking for. You can even type in something ridiculous like Squirrel DJ and get a Genmoji to use. The video shows how Image Playground allows you to build a custom image by starting with a word. In this example, "Rooftop" is used and other descriptive words can be added too. The style of the image is selected next and you can choose between animation, sketch, or illustration. Because Apple Intelligence knows who the people in your photo gallery are, you can create an image of a person for a special occasion such as a birthday, or an anniversary.

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Another cool Apple Intelligence feature is Image Wand. This turns a rough sketch you've drawn into a polished image using AI. And with Apple Intelligence, Siri has been "supercharged," says Apple, starting with the glowing light around the edge of the screen that appears when the virtual digital assistant has been activated. With Natural Language, Siri knows what you mean even if you stumble on a word, and also remembers what you've been talking about so you don't have to keep saying the name of a place or person.

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With Personal Context, Siri can go through your email, texts, calendar apps, messages, and photos to help answer a question. So if you ask Siri, "What time does my Mom's flight land?" Siri already knows who your mom is and can go through the other apps before finding the flight information in an email she sent you earlier. The virtual digital assistant will obtain the latest flight information and send it to you in a notification. Follow that up by asking "What are our dinner plans?" and Siri knows you mean plans you made for you and your mom.

Apple Intelligence was designed to help Apple device owners more easily handle everyday tasks. Considering that this is just the beginning, it appears that the tech giant is off to a good start.

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