T-Mobile is (quietly) advertising a killer new Hometown discount for select rural customers

T-Mobile is (quietly) advertising a killer new Hometown discount for select rural customers
Just in case there weren't already enough free line and free phone deals going around to convince you to join or stick with T-Mobile, the always generous "Un-carrier" appears to have kicked off an interesting Hometown Discount program as well fairly recently.

As the name suggests, this particular promotion doesn't include any free stuff, nonetheless setting itself apart from other deals offered by T-Mo in the past by specifically targeting a traditionally underprivileged group of people when it comes to wireless coverage.

Of course, the second-largest mobile network operator in the US has been making a lot of noise about breaking with tradition in the rural department, hyping up its "nationwide" low-band 5G signal with multiple initiatives aimed at the entire country rather than just large cities and metropolitan areas.

As such, it's not exactly surprising to see folks in small towns being offered the chance to save 25 percent on new lines of service for life. What's a little surprising, nay, odd is that the 30-second commercial meant to promote the "new" Hometown discount is set to unlisted on T-Mobile's official YouTube account.

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Meanwhile, this dedicated section on Magenta's website reveals that the deal has actually been available since June 25 in "select markets", so it's certainly a bit weird that we haven't heard anything about it before today.

It's obviously possible that the list of "select markets" with availability prior to today was simply too short to matter, although that sure doesn't seem to be the case anymore, at least in states like Alabama, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

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If you find your small town's name on that list and want to ditch your existing carrier for T-Mobile or you're already a T-Mo customer with two paid voice lines on a "qualifying rate plan", all you need to do is drive to your local store and ask for the 25 percent discount... or more.

That's right, you might be able to save even more if you're lucky, as a slightly older Reddit post that flew under our radar until today suggests some locations will hook you up with 50 percent off "qualifying" new lines for life.

To be eligible for that virtually unbeatable deal, you'll have to find a participating store and be among said store's first 1,000 customers to switch from Verizon or AT&T to T-Mobile. 

Sounds like the plot for a future installment in the "Mission Impossible" movie franchise, but hey, so does acquiring and maintaining a steady cellular signal in many rural areas, so if you've got that covered, this should be a piece of cake.

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