T-Mobile's 5G home internet service is even cheaper than usual for certain customers

T-Mobile's 5G home internet service is even cheaper than usual for certain customers
Aside from constantly improving, expanding, and upgrading its industry-leading wireless 5G network, T-Mobile is also trying hard to challenge America's traditional broadband internet providers with a leaner, meaner, and of course, cheaper home service.

As if this wasn't already affordable enough, at $50 a month with no extra fees involved since October (down from $60 before that), the always reliable folks over at The T-Mo Report have the exclusive scoop on a killer new deal further slashing that price... for a special category of customers.

Namely, if you're on a 55+ wireless plan, you should be able to get 5G home internet for a measly 40 bucks a month starting today. 

The promotion doesn't appear to be advertised anywhere on T-Mobile's official website, but because the aforementioned publication is almost never wrong about these types of things, it obviously can't hurt to ask the "Un-carrier" how (and if) you can score the $10 discount.

That's not exactly a small fortune you're looking at saving, but it can all add up to a pretty nice sum of money when you take everything into consideration. For instance, a 5G T-Mobile Home Internet subscription comes with a handy 5G Wi-Fi Gateway device included at no extra cost, not to mention the incredible value offered by an Essentials 55+, Magenta 55+, or Magenta Max 55+ wireless option.

As the names suggest, all three of those "unlimited" plans require a valid ID proving your age is at least 55. Perhaps the coolest thing about this new deal is that both new and existing Home Internet subscribers can get the discount, although folks in the latter group will need to be all-new wireless 55+ clients. In other words, you're out of luck if you already have both services.

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