Sprint can fix broken screens on several high-end Samsung phones on the cheap

Sprint can fix broken screens on several high-end Samsung phones on the cheap
Samsung doesn't quite charge as much as Apple for replacing the screen on its latest high-end smartphones, but paying $279 at a manufacturer-authorized Galaxy repair facility to get the Note 10+ fixed or $249 as far as the "regular" S10 is concerned is not exactly affordable either.

While Sprint can't help owners of 2019-released Galaxy flagships in their quest for a cheaper (and reliable) screen replacement, the carrier will allow you to save quite a bit of money on repairs of slightly older Samsung devices. We're talking 2018's Galaxy S9 and S9+, 2017's Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S8+, as well as the ancient 2016-released Galaxy S7, all of which are currently eligible for an ultra-affordable $49 screen repair at the nation's fourth-largest wireless service provider.

In comparison, you'd have to pay as much as $229 and "only" $219 for a Galaxy S9+ and S8 screen replacement respectively at your local Samsung-authorized repair center, while a Note 8 crack would set you back an even higher $239.

Incredibly enough, Sprint's offer doesn't appear to come with any strings attached whatsoever, and no, you don't even have to be a "Now Network" customer to claim your heavily discounted repair by February 9. All you need to do is take your busted-up phone (from the above list) to a "participating" Sprint store and hope its technicians will not deem your cracked screen unrepairable.

Obviously, Sprint "reserves the right to reject any phone for repair", limiting the promotion to one repair per customer, and not guaranteeing same day service. Meanwhile, if you have a device in "good working condition" that's not eligible for a dirt-cheap repair, Sprint is ready to give you $150 towards a new phone. The key requirement is that you give the carrier a Galaxy S5 or "higher configuration" or an iPhone 6s and "higher configurations."

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