Poll: Should Apple ditch the iPhone mini? The answer is "no"

Poll: Should Apple ditch the iPhone mini?
UPDATE: The results are in, and honestly - we're a little surprised! More than 75% of you guys don't want to see the iPhone mini gone. It's not at all in sync with what Apple and other market reports are saying. Our reader KingSam thinks that Apple should adjust the price of the mini, and this is one of the issues behind the uninspiring sales numbers. Good shouts from bbycrts and monkeyb, as well - they think Apple should keep the iPhone mini as a niche product in small production numbers, as opposed to killing it completely.

Ah, the iPhone 12 mini. Such a polarizing little beast! People find it cute and comfortable, yet according to Apple, they don’t buy it that much.

Back in March, a report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) showed that iPhone 12 series accounted for 64% of all US iPhone sales during the first quarter of 2021. Sadly, the iPhone 12 mini's contribution was in the vicinity of 5% or even less.

There were rumors that Apple is planning to ditch the iPhone mini but the latest information strongly suggests that the company will go forward with a successor. The iPhone 13 mini will be joining Apple’s lineup this September, for better or worse, but the fate of the iPhone mini is yet to be decided.

So, today we’re asking you this: Should Apple ditch the iPhone mini and stick to “regular” phone sizes? Or is the iPhone mini the little gem in Apple’s crown that’s severely underrated and many people would miss it if it’s gone?

Should Apple ditch the iPhone mini?

Yes! It's far too small to be practical.
No! Let's keep at least one compact flagship out there.
I don't care...

The poll will stay up until Friday when we’ll find out if people still fancy compact phones or screen estate is now king and ruler. Vote and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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