Apple's new video shows you how to set the Apple Watch to tap out the time on your wrist

Apple's new video shows you how to set the Apple Watch to tap out the time on your wrist
The most popular watch in the world is not made by Rolex, Timex, Seiko, Casio, and Citizen. Actually, it is made by Apple. The Apple Watch smartwatch will be six years old next April and it outsells much older competition. Rolex, for example, is over 115 years old. Timex has been around for more than 166 years. It could be the way that the Apple Watch looks out for your health that makes it so popular. Sure, Timex watches might take a licking and keep on ticking, but the Apple Watch makes sure that you're still ticking after taking a licking.

Today, Apple revealed a new video for its timepiece that shows off an interesting feature. Apple Watch users can choose to have their device tap out the time. According to Apple, "When it's in silent mode, Apple Watch can tap out the time on your wrist with a series of distinct taps." To arrange this, you can follow the directions given in the video or the ones below:

Open the Settings App on the Apple Watch. Tap on Clock, toggle on Taptic Time and choose between Digits, Terse, or Morse Code. Digits will give you long taps every ten hours, short taps for every following hour, long taps for every 10 minutes, then short taps for each following minute. With the Terse setting, Apple Watch will do a long tap for every five hours, short taps for the remaining hours, then long taps for each quarter hour. You can also select to get the time in Morse Code. And if you want to hear a haptic version of the time, touch and hold two fingers on the watch face.

Taptic time can also be configured on the iPhone. Open the Watch app and tap My Watch on the bottom left of the screen. Go to Clock > Taptic Time, then turn it on. As Apple says in the tagline of the video, with the Apple Watch you can feel the time.
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