Samsung's deal of the day is an affordable Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a bunch of freebies

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Samsung's deal of the day is an affordable Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a bunch of freebies
We bet you did not expect to see the name of the hot new 5G-enabled Galaxy Z Fold 4 mentioned in the same breath as the word "affordable", especially so soon after this bad boy's commercial release, but if you play your cards right, you could get the foldable powerhouse for as little as $899.99 with a couple of nice gifts also included.

Naturally, you'll have to jump through one big hoop to slash a whopping 900 bucks off the Z Fold 4's regular starting price, although Samsung's "enhanced" trade-in program will allow you to save big even if you're not looking to ditch a Galaxy Z Fold 3, S22 Ultra, or Note 20 Ultra in "good" condition.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

5G, 512GB Storage, Unlocked, Multiple Colors, Up to $900 Enhanced Trade-In Credit, $250 Instant Samsung Credit Included, Free Storage Upgrade from 256GB, Free Standing Cover with Pen
$899 99
$2009 98

A first-gen Galaxy Fold, for instance, can net you a $700 trade-in credit usable towards your actual Galaxy Z Fold 4 purchase, while the likes of the Galaxy S20 and Apple's iPhone 12 Pro are currently worth $500 each for the purpose of this amazing promotional program.

Of course, these massive trade-in discounts are not exactly new, but what's new and special is that you can combine your up to $900 Z Fold 4 5G savings with $250 "instant" credit for accessories like smartwatches, tablets, true wireless earbuds, and laptops, as well as a complimentary standing cover with pen and a free memory "upgrade."

To be perfectly clear, that last part means a 512GB storage configuration of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1-powered Z Fold 4 is on sale at the price of a 256 gig model, saving you 120 bucks on top of all the discounts mentioned above. 

Even without a trade-in, you're looking at spending a substantial $460 or so less than usual for an unlocked 512 gig Galaxy Z Fold 4 bundled with $250 store credit and the aforementioned pen-rocking cover... today only. Or you can trade in "any" Galaxy smartphone in "any" condition and save another cool 300 bucks with no questions asked and no strings attached. No wonder sales are reportedly booming for Samsung's latest high-end foldables.

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