Samsung's Galaxy S24 family continues to sell like hotcakes everywhere from South Korea to the US

Samsung's Galaxy S24 family continues to sell like hotcakes everywhere from South Korea to the US
Is it too early to assess the global success of a premium new smartphone (or three) at the close of their pre-order window? Probably. But that's no longer the case after around a month of availability, which is the point in time we've now reached as far as the ultra-high-end Galaxy S24 trio is concerned.

And after showing extremely promising early signs in markets as diverse as South Korea, India, and the Netherlands, Samsung's latest crown jewels are reportedly consolidating their popularity around the world, finding themselves in a very strong position to help their manufacturers overtake Apple in terms of total sales numbers at the end of 2024. 

Of course, that's a long way off, and many different factors will come into that equation, so for the time being, let us focus on the latest official and unofficial box-office achievements of the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra.

1 million units in one market

Yes, the S24 series has sold in one million copies in Samsung's homeland of South Korea already, according to a local news agency that seems to suggest the figure comes directly from the (proverbial) horse's mouth.

This milestone was apparently hit within 28 days of the S24 family's commercial release in the region, which is exactly as impressive as it sounds and it's made even more impressive by how long it took last year's S23 series to reach the same number. We're talking three more weeks, and even the hugely popular Galaxy S8 series back in 2017 needed an extra nine days compared to the S24 trio to sell a grand total of one million units in South Korea.

It almost goes without saying therefore that Samsung's newest phones are the fastest ever members of the Galaxy S family to reach 1 million sales in the tech giant's backyard, although their 28-day feat is still three days behind the Galaxy Note 10's record from 2019.

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The top-of-the-line S24 Ultra continues to be by far the most successful device of the flagship trio, with an absolutely astonishing sales share of 55 percent, while the S24 and S24+ remain far behind with unspecified slices of the overall (regional) pie.

More than 10 million units worldwide

Now this is a number you need to take with a big grain of salt, as it comes from a generally reliable X tipster but is unlikely to ever be corroborated by Samsung itself in any official way. 

Assuming it's indeed legit, the "more than 10 million units" expected to be sold "within one month of launch" are obviously still a drop in Apple's iPhone 15 ocean, for instance, which was estimated at around 85 million units during the first three months or so of global availability.

But that's never a favorable comparison for Samsung, which can instead be happy with seeing the S24 series outsell last year's S23 lineup pretty much everywhere around the world.

One key market where the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are reportedly pulling especially remarkable numbers is Apple's home court of North America. We're apparently talking 3.2 million unit sales in that region alone, which is a "new record eight years after the Galaxy S7 series."

It's unclear if that means the S24 series is Samsung's most successful ever smartphone family around those parts or just the most popular since the S7, but either way, we're definitely looking at a big hit here set to enter the company's history books. And if you don't believe Ice Universe, just try to get the S24, S24 Plus, or S24 Ultra at a discount in the US right now without a trade-in or various carrier-specific strings attached. That's impossible, which pretty much confirms these booming regional sales.

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