Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ hit new all-time low prices of $675 and $775 on eBay

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ hit new all-time low prices of $675 and $775 on eBay
Samsung's latest high-end handsets might be selling reasonably well, at least according to a new financial report that doesn't exactly look swell, but there's always room for big discounts and substantial deal sweeteners when talking about devices typically priced at $750 and up.

While there are obviously many different ways to save a considerable amount of money on the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+, the cheapest unlocked models can generally be found on eBay. Top-rated sellers like Never MSRP routinely charge lower than usual prices for "international" variants of hot new phones, the downside of these killer deals being that you don't get a standard manufacturer's warranty.

But if the discounts are hefty enough, we know a lot of you won't have a problem ignoring that minor inconvenience, as proven by the fact Never MSRP has managed to sell several thousand Galaxy S10-series devices already. There's only a "limited quantity" left of both the Galaxy S10 and S10+ at marked-down prices of $675 and $775 respectively at the time of this writing.

The 6.1-incher is available in a green color only, normally fetching as much as $900 (with a valid US warranty) and previously setting back eBay shoppers around 720 bucks. That means you can now save a whopping $225 off the "regular" S10's list price, as well as pay a solid $45 less for a dual SIM, factory unlocked version with 128GB internal storage than just a few weeks ago.

As far as the S10 Plus is concerned, the 6.4-incher is sold directly through Samsung's official US e-store for $1,000 and up, costing $820 on eBay before dropping 45 bucks lower. You can get this bad boy in white or green with the same dual SIM support and 128 gigs of local digital hoarding room as its little brother. Speaking of little, the 5.8-inch Galaxy S10e is pretty affordable right now on eBay as well, priced at $595.99 in black, white, green, and yellow paint jobs, although that's actually not a massive discount compared to the handset's $600 tag earlier this month.
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